The True Story of Ireland's Bounty Hunters

Colin Murphy
The Priest Hunters

Ireland in the aftermath of Cromwell – during this period Catholicism and nationalism became linked and priests were outlawed. The Priest Hunters shines a light on four of the men who hunted them: Sean na Sagart, Edward Tyrrell, Barry Lowe and John Garzia, the most hated men in Ireland.

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A fascinating investigation the lives of four priest hunters – Sean na Sagart, Edward Tyrrell, Barry Lowe and John Garzia.

Ireland in the aftermath of Cromwell – during this period Catholicism and Irish nationalism became inexorably linked and priests were outlawed. The Priest Hunters shines a light on these men who hunted them. Sean naSagart was Irishman who was been condemned to death for horse stealing but was reprieved on condition he become a priest hunter. Edward Tyrrell was an English mercenary driven solely by greed. Barry Lowe indulged in such acts as tying a priest behind his horse and dragging him through the brush. John Garzia, who had fled the Spanish Inquisition, arrived in Ireland and evidently sought revenge hunting down priests.

An incredible account of some of the most hated men in Ireland.

Colin Murphy is the author of The Most Famous Irish People You’ve Never Heard Of and co-author of the bestselling ‘Feckin’ collection (The O’Brien Press). His début historical novel Boycott (Brandon) was published in 2012 to great acclaim. 


Ireland’s Own


Mallow Star, Vale Star

illuminates the whole picture of what was going on in the island during the time of the Penal Laws

Irish Independent

there is room for  - and indeed a crying need for – the more vivid novelistic approach, which brings history alive. And this Murphy has done in a compelling, gripping and often disturbing book

Irish Independent
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