The Guide to Life

Get your sport-life balance in order with this humorous and witty compendium of Irish life right now. Encompassing the most successful posts on and a host of new material, it will get you in tune with your inner sporting superstar.

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128 pages
240x170 mm
Category Sport

Ireland’s favourite sports website presents a hilarious guide to life on and off the soggy Irish pitch

Learn how to streak like a champ, how to talk like a proper GAA head, and how to give safe and enjoyable piggybacks to your fellow players. With quizzes, sports-star interviews and a guide to the events that will have us losing our rags at all hours of the day and night in 2016 – plus a never-before-attempted ranking of every priest ever mentioned in Father Ted. And Sean O’Brien’s inner hippo. And Roy Keane not looking like Roy Keane. And football hipsters and GAA tea ladies. We could go on.

something for all sports fans … would be a nice thing to get on Christmas morning

Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast Show

absolutely brilliant … great Christmas present

2fm’s Breakfast Republic

If I write that this is essentially a load of their posts put in book form, that may sound as though it’s a bad thing.  But if I TOLD you that fact I’d be sure to put it in an extremely enthusiastic voice like I was giving a TED talk, because it is in fact a very, VERY good thing … leave this book lying around when you have company over and I absolutely guarantee you it will impress your visitors - just make sure their hands are clean … suffice it to say we heartily endorse this product :-)

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