Written by
William Trevor
Illustrated by
Alan Clarke
Juliet's Story

William Trevor's only book for children. Juliet loves stories, but she doesn't have any of her own.

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128 pages
196x130 mm

A beautiful edition of William Trevor's only book for children.

Where would you find talking snails, fighting queens, Welsh witches and winter sunflowers? In stories, of course, and that's why Juliet loves them.

On a holiday in France, Juliet hears lots of stories -- from her grandmother and from the toymaker who sells wind-up animals on the quayside.

Juliet wants to be a storyteller too, and when she embarks on a mission to rescue the little trout in the restaurant fish tank, she begins an adventure which turns into her very own story.

William Trevor has received world wide acclaim for his novels, short stories and plays and is the winner of many major literary awards. He was born in Mitchelstown, County Cork, in 1928, where his father was a bank manager. When he was growing up, the family lived in many different towns in Ireland.

Trevor's Ballroom of Romance is well known from its filmed version. His novel Old Boys won the Hawthornden Prize, Angel at the Ritz the Royal Society of Literature Award, The Children of Dynmouth and Fools of Fortune each won the Whitbread Award. Reading Turgenev was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Trevor also won the Sunday Times Award for Literary Excellence in 1992. His most recent book, The Story of Lucy Gault, was also a Booker Prize winner.

Juliet's Story is his only book for children.

Follows in a tradition that goes back as far as The Arabian Nights, where a series of tales is told to stave off an unpleasant happening.

The Irish Times

It is a celebration of the Irish art of storytelling.

The Belfast Telegraph
Belfast Telegraph

As with all Trevor's books, the attention to detail is painstaking and the word painting is as vivid as though he's dipped his brush in the rainbow.

Sunday Press

It is ... a celebration of the imagination, its power to triumph over grief, transform the world, bring witches to life and sunflowers to bloom in the snow. Trevor has done it all by taking the simplest, and oldest, of devices and manipulating it beautifully.

Evening Press

enchanting and delightful

The School Librarian
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