Juanita Browne

Juanita Browne, a Zoology graduate with an MA in Media Studies, has almost 20 years’ experience across television, radio, magazines, books, and newspapers. She works on natural history documentaries for television, including the multi-award-winning ‘Secret Life of the Shannon’ and ‘On a River in Ireland’, ‘Wild Cities’ and ‘Wild Ireland’. She has also worked on children’s wildlife television shows for RTE, including ‘Shutterbugs’ and ‘Wild Things.’ Juanita has produced two radio documentary series for RTE Radio 1, titled ‘Nature on One’, consisting of 16 half-hour documentaries. Juanita’s books include ‘Ireland’s Mammals’ (2005); ‘Kildare’s Natural Heritage’ (2008), ‘Put the Kettle On – the Irish love affair with tea’ (2013); and ‘My First Book of Irish Animals’ (2014), which was shortlisted for the Literacy Association of Ireland Children’s Book Award 2015. Juanita also edits Biodiversity Ireland, the magazine of the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Her latest job involves working with the National Biodiversity Data Centre, on a project called the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan – conserving bees, bumblebees and the wildflowers, hedgerows they depend on.