Conor McHale
Don't Open that Box

Belzoni the cat and Greta the chicken try to get to grips with a hungry crocodile that has just eaten Granny.
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64 pages
196x130 mm

Two boxes -- one large, one small -- arrive for Granny Lambert. But wily Belzoni, her cat, sees the note printed on the small box that reads: Don't Open that Box, Open this one first! Unfortunately Granny doesn't notice the sign and opens the big box. Out jumps a crocodile, and snap, snap, snap, Granny is gone. And Belzoni is next on the menu.

Suddenly out of the box jumps a chicken, and with her help Belzoni soon gets to grips with the hungry croc. Flyer number 8

Conor McHale was born in Dublin in 1969. Shortly before leaving school, he decided he would become an archaeologist. This decision caused his father to roar with laughter. It took him over ten years working in Irish archaeology to realise what the joke was. He lives in Dublin with his wife, Susannah, and their son, Oscar. He loves Rembrandt, hates celery and often loses his keys.

Brash, fast and exciting, with cartoon illustrations which mirror the comic quality of the text, it is typical of books intended to hook reluctant readers, especially young boys.

The Irish Times
Margrit Cruickshank - The Irish Times

An ideal book for any child who has just become an independent reader and can take on the challenge of a longer story. It is an enjoyable read with amusing illustrations, speech bubbles and captions, aimed at children of 6-plus ... Children will love the fast pace of this story and the very happy ending.

The School Librarian

Exciting and crazy ... Great fun!

Fingal Independent

As always, Conor McHale's imagination knows no bounds, and in his drawings his skill in depicting unusual perspectives is used to full effect.

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