Discovery Challenge

Some children come to reading fluency later than others. Pandas and Flyers have proved successful, both in motivating children to read and in teaching literacy skills, particularly to children in the Senior end of Primary school. They are useful for children of all ages in receipt of Resource and Learning Support teaching.

Discovery Challenge provides specialised activity sheets based on these books. The sheets are fun and challenging, and encourage independent research by children.

Developed by primary school resource teachers.

'Children deserve, need and should have access to, real books that support them on their way to becoming able and independent readers. Some of the best of such books are to be found in the O'Brien Panda and Flyer books.'
Finian O'Shea, Lecturer in Education, Church of Ireland College of Education, Dublin

To view and print these resources, you will need a PDF file reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from Adobe.

  • Ed's Bed

    Ed's Bed

    Written by Eoin Colfer, Illustrated by Woody Fox

    Ed Cooper's life is never dull. He has started to wet his bed and he can't learn his time-tables.
    Flyer 7

    pdf-logoDownload Discover Challenge based on Ed's Bed: make your own wordsearch.

  • Ed's Funny Feet

    Ed's Funny Feet

    Written by Eoin Colfer, Illustrated by Woody Fox

    Ed Cooper has a problem with his big toes. Even his DIY foot-straighteners don't work and he has to wear very uncool 'correction shoes'.
    Flyer 4

    pdf-logoDownload Discovery Challenge: find out all about feet and shoes

  • Muckeen the Pig

    Muckeen the Pig

    Written by and Illustrated by Fergus Lyons

    Muckeen loves being dirty and muddy. And he loves his food. But when he is taken to market Muckeen does not like it at all! Still, Muckeen is a smart pig too and he finds a way out!
    Panda 1

    pdf-logoDownload Discovery Challenge: make your own Muckeen, and explore the world of pigs!

  • Mad Grandad and the Flying Saucer

    Mad Grandad and the Flying Saucer

    Written by and By (artist) Oisín McGann

    Lenny and Mad Grandad take their new flying saucer for its first flight. Getting into space is easy: getting home alive might be harder!

    pdf-logoDownload Discovery Challenge: make a collage and more!

  • Don't Open that Box

    Don't Open that Box

    By Conor McHale

    Belzoni the cat and Greta the chicken try to get to grips with a hungry crocodile that has just eaten Granny.
    Flyer 8

    pdf-logoDownload Discovery Challenge: Wonderful ideas exploring the world of newspapers, greek myth and crocodile construction!

  • Jigsaw Stew

    Jigsaw Stew

    By Conor McHale

    Jack MacAnoolie tries to save his family when they eat stew made from a jigsaw!
    Flyer 6

    pdf-logoDownload Discovery Challenge: how to make your own jigsaw.

  • The Big Fight

    The Big Fight

    The Story of the Táin
    Written by Frank Murphy, Illustrated by Kieron Black

    The hero Cúchulainn is forced to fight his friend Ferdia in this epic story of Queen Maeve and the Brown Bull of Cooley. A simple retelling for younger readers.
    Flyer 3

    pdf-logoDownload Discovery Challenge: ancient placenames, where they occur throughout Ireland, and what they mean!

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