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ActivitySheets.gif We offer a range of free activity sheets for use in the junior and middle school. The authors themselves have designed and written many of these puzzle pages and have contributed some suggestions for art and crafts activities. We also include some language development sheets from teachers who have used our novels with their pupils.

This section of our website will be added to from month to month, offering fresh resource material on an ongoing basis. Look here for good ideas and useful worksheets, organised on an age-related basis.

Included here are comprehensive teaching ideas for books for all reading ages, all available to download. They were originally produced as part of the O'Brien Reading Programme.

To view and print these resources, you will need a PDF file reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from Adobe.


Please select the age level that you are interested in to get a list of available activity sheets and teaching ideas.

black_flag.pngBlack Flag: Picture books and storytelling to read aloud

bridges.pngBridges: Multi-cultural books for a diverse world

purple_flag.pngPurple Flag; For readers aged 5+ (includes Pandas)

yellow_flag.pngYellow Flag: For readers aged 6+ (includes Flyers)

red_flag.pngRed Flag: For readers aged 8+

blue_flag.pngBlue Flag: For readers aged 10+

Flag-Obrien-BlackGeneral Books: Books not written specifically for children, but with real value in the classroom

  • A Dublin Fairytale

    A Dublin Fairytale

    By Nicola Colton

    Once upon a time there was a little girl called Fiona who lived in Dublin. But Dublin is full of colourful characters and creatures from the fairytale realm. Often not seen or heard, they reside in some of Dublin’s most famous locations and landmarks!

    With beautiful quirky illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Nicola Colton.

    pdf-logoDownload How to draw Fiona

  • Where Are You, Puffling?

    Where Are You, Puffling?

    An Irish Adventure
    Written by Gerry Daly and Erika McGann

    A puffling has gone in search of adventure – now her parents can’t find her anywhere!

    Can the animals of Skellig help them find their little puffling?

    pdf-logoDownload Flying Puffin - colouring activity

    pdf-logoDownload Puffling family - colouring activity

    pdf-logoDownload Puffling waving - colouring activity

    pdf-logoDownload Rabbits - colouring activity

    pdf-logoDownload Seal - colouring activity

  • Irish Farm Animals

    Irish Farm Animals

    Written by Glyn Evans and Bex Sheridan

    A charming and engaging children's non-fiction book filled with information on all aspects of farming in Ireland, presented in a light-hearted and child-friendly text. Original illustrations and photographs are featured throughout in an interactive layout.

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 1: What Do I Know About Farming?

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 2: Where Does it All Come From?

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 3: Cows and Beef

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 4: It's Really Good For You! Dairy and milk

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 5: Snuffle Snuffle! Pigs

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 6: Woolly jumpers. Sheep, llamas and Alpaca

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 7: Hoof prints. Horses and donkeys

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 8: Cluck cluck! Chicken, ducks and geese

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 9: An Extra Pair of Hands. Dogs, cats and other animals on the farm

    pdf-logoDownload Full set of website links and activities for Irish Farm Animals by Peter Heaney

  • All About Gaelic Football

    All About Gaelic Football

    Written by Tom Fitzpatrick and Jerry Grogan

    A detailed look at the history of football, the counties, the clubs, the winners, the trophies, Croke Park, the team colours, the songs, the best players, the rules and gives top tips for playing ... all you could possibly ever know about Gaelic football.

    pdf-logoDownload Write a Crimecall report about the stolen Sam Maguire cup!

    pdf-logoDownload The Great Debate: what does it mean to be an amateur organisation? Should the GAA go professional? (Gaelic Football & Hurling)

    pdf-logoDownload Draw a map showing where your local GAA club is ground is and a set of directions explaining how to reach it. (Gaelic Football & Hurling)

    pdf-logoDownload Write a profile of your local GAA club (Gaelic Football & Hurling)

    pdf-logoDownload Design a leaflet for Cumann Peil Gael na mBan

    pdf-logoDownload Find out more about Gaelic Football teams in your province

    pdf-logoDownload How well do you know the other teams in your province?

    pdf-logoDownload Create your own Fantasy Football Team!

  • The Children of Lir

    The Children of Lir

    Ireland's Favourite Legend
    Written by Laura Ruth Maher, Illustrated by Conor Busuttil

    This charming rhyming story tells the legend of The Children of Lir, who were turned into swans by their wicked stepmother and forced to wander across Ireland for 900 years.

    pdf-logoDownload 11 activity sheets for children throughout primary school by Peter Heaney

  • The Secret of Kells

    The Secret of Kells

    Written by Tomm Moore, Retold by Mary Webb, Illustrated by Cartoon Saloon

    Featuring Vikings, fairies, and a very cute cat, the story of The Book of Kells is brought to life in this action-packed adventure.
    Movie tie-in

    pdf-logoDownload Education worksheets for primary schools from

    pdf-logoDownload Education worksheets for secondary schools from

  • Gulliver in Lilliput

    Gulliver in Lilliput

    Written by Frank Murphy, Illustrated by Josip Lizatovic

    A terrible storm wrecks Gulliver's ship and he is washed ashore. He wakes to the strangest sight he has ever seen - hundreds of tiny people, and they're all TERRIFIED of him, the 'MAN-MOUNTAIN'.

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 1

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 2

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 3

    pdf-logoDownload Activity sheet 4

  • The Story of Ireland

    The Story of Ireland

    Written by Brendan O'Brien, Illustrated by Cartoon Saloon

    An award-winning, spectacular tour of Ireland's history, from the ice age to the present day.
    Beautifully illustrated and a great read - essential for every classroom and library and the perfect gift!

    pdf-logoDownload Saints & Pagans: Activity 1

    pdf-logoDownload Saints & Pagans: Activity 2

    pdf-logoDownload Saints & Pagans: Activity 3

    pdf-logoDownload Saints & Pagans: Activity 4

    pdf-logoDownload Statues with a Story: Activity 1

    pdf-logoDownload Statues with a Story: Activity 2

    pdf-logoDownload Statues with a Story: Activity 3

    pdf-logoDownload The Celts: Activity 1

    pdf-logoDownload The Celts: Activity 2

    pdf-logoDownload The Celts: Activity 3

    pdf-logoDownload The Celts: Activity 4

    pdf-logoDownload To School: Activity 1

    pdf-logoDownload To School: Activity 2

    pdf-logoDownload To School: Activity 3

    pdf-logoDownload To School: Activity 4

    pdf-logoDownload To School: Activity 5

    pdf-logoDownload Time Travel: Activity 1

    pdf-logoDownload Time Travel: Activity 2

    pdf-logoDownload Time Travel: Activity 3

    pdf-logoDownload History Detectives: Activity 1

    pdf-logoDownload History Detectives: Activity 2

    pdf-logoDownload History Detectives: Activity 3

    pdf-logoDownload Footprints in the Future: Activity 1

    pdf-logoDownload Footprints in the Future: Activity 2

    pdf-logoDownload Best of Ireland: Activity 1

    pdf-logoDownload Best of Ireland: Activity 2

    pdf-logoDownload Best of Ireland: Activity 3

  • Shooting for the Stars

    Shooting for the Stars

    My Journey to Become Ireland’s First Astronaut
    Written by Dr. Norah Patten, Illustrated by Jennifer Farley

    Follow Norah as she brings you on a journey high above the earth and into space. You will learn about space travel, astronaut training and life without gravity. A fun and engaging book about space and becoming an astronaut but most importantly a book about following your dreams no matter how big!

    pdf-logoDownload Range of activity sheets by Peter Heaney

  • Sally Go Round The Stars

    Sally Go Round The Stars

    Favourite Rhymes from an Irish Childhood
    Written by Sarah Webb and Claire Ranson, Illustrated by Steve McCarthy

    A major, beautifully-illustrated collection of favourite nursery rhymes known and loved throughout Ireland. It includes favourite international, British and Irish rhymes as well as special Irish favourites.


    pdf-logoDownload Colour your own rhyme: I've Got a Dog as Thin as a Rail ...

    pdf-logoDownload Colour your own rhyme: Row, Row, Row Your Boat ...

    pdf-logoDownload Colour your own rhyme: There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly ...

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