Written by
Gerry Boland
Illustrated by
Áine McGuinness
Marco: Moonwalker

In their latest escapade, Marco Moonwalker, Patrick discovers that Marco can play the trombone, banjo and even dance like Michael Jackson! But disaster strikes when he is spotted without his mask: how will Patrick and Mum get him out of the Zoo again?

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64 pages
210x142 mm

After escaping from the zoo and coming to live with Patrick and his mum, Marco proves to have many talents. Now Patrick discovers that Marco is also a musical genius – he can play the trombone, banjo and even moonwalk like Michael Jackson! ‘Let’s start a band’, Patrick says, and Marco becomes a star.

Then disaster strikes. He is spotted without his mask and taken back to the zoo. How will Patrick and Mum get him out again?

Born in Dublin, Gerry Boland is a writer, teacher and committed environmentalist.

Áine Mc Guinness is from a small village on the East coast of Ireland. An early love for art led her to study animation at the National Film School of Ireland where she graduated with a degree in 2007. She worked as an animator until 2010 before starting her career as an illustrator. Her work is often inspired by childhood memories and nature and mainly combines digital and watercolour painting. Áine is currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

a great read

Maternity & Infant Magazine

'a great story'

'an ideal read for 7/8 year olds who are free readers and for reading with younger children'

'illustrations are simple but illustrate the story perfectly'

'looking forward to reading more adventures with Marco'

'great for bedtimes'

Woman’s Way

'a fun read for 6+'

'quirky and original'

Roscommon Herald

'gorgeous illustrations'

Leitrim Observer

'a hilarious mix of energy and imagination'

Leitrim Observer

'lots of hilarious antics'

Sunday Independent

'fast paced and full of fun'

Recommended Reads 2012


Recommended Reads 2012

'suitable for age 8 and upwards'

Irish Examiner

'an imaginative funny read'

Irish Examiner
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