Games from an Irish Childhood (That You Can Teach Your Kids)

Kunak McGann
Red Rover, Red Rover!

With easy instructions, handy tips and ‘risk’ ratings’, RED ROVER, RED ROVER!  will whisk you back to those carefree days of childhood and, if your creaky old bones are up to it, inspire you to get out with the kids and revel in those games all over again.


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160 pages
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England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales,

Inside, Outside, Donkeys’ Tails

Were you the local Elastics champion growing up? Did you spend every waking moment obsessively playing Kerbs with your best mates? Have you never had more fun than racing to Tip the Can? Then this is the book for you. Packed with classics like Marbles, Conkers, Bulldog, and Hopscotch, party games like Blind Man's Buff and Snap Apple, and rainy day fun with Battleship, Murder in the Dark, and paper Fortune-Tellers.

‘What you need’, how to play, handy tips, ‘risk’ ratings and stories of great craic will whisk you back to those carefree days of childhood and, if your creaky old bones are up to it, inspire you to get out with the kids and revel in those games all over again.

Coming, coming, ready or not, keep your place or you’ll be … caught!


Kunak McGann grew up in Drogheda back in the days when electronic tablets were unheard of (she can still remember the excitement when the family got a ZX Spectrum – Luna Crabs, anyone?) and playing out on the street was the most fun kids could imagine. Eventually, she had to grow up and get a proper job. Now she works in publishing and lives in Kildare with her husband, two lively sons and one chilled-out dog.

Childhood memories fantastic book #redrover @OBrienPress

Kevin Dundon

this book is smashing

LMFM’s Late Lunch

you have … documented a little bit of Irish history that was in danger of being forgotten … It’s going to be a nice little Christmas stocking filler

Tommy Marren Show, MidWest Radio

These games...tick a lot of boxes; there's physical activity, social activity, skill levels & there's fresh air!

Ray D'Arcy, RTE Radio 1

Well done for compiling all these things because we forget how much craic we had as kids

The Dermot and Dave Show, Today FM

Hopefully there’s a bit of a mini change in society off the back of it

Gavin Grace, Clare FM

So many of the games children used to play are being forgotten, so this book is a great idea to ensure future generations rediscover the fun their parents and grandparents had … parents and grandparents will find it nostalgic and children will love to see what previous generations enjoyed

Parents in Touch

it will encourage children to park the remote control in the holder & engage in some physical activity in the fresh air. This book is definitely a stocking filler for the teacher or parent in one’s life

we love Kunak McGann's new book, Red Rover, Red Rover, and other fun games from your childhood to play with your kids, because it lists and explains how today's kids can play the games we loved so much growing up

a wonderful trip down memory lane. Readers are prompted to use the collection as inspiration … a laudable aim indeed, and a technique that will likely be successful in passing on these traditional games to very young children

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