A kingdom of secrets and a game of lies

Helen Corcoran
Queen of Coin and Whispers

Faced with dangerous plots and hidden enemies, can Lia and Xania learn to rely on each another, as they discover that all is not fair in love and treason?


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Published: June

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Published: June

This edition is not available yet.
Published: June

464 pages
196x130 mm

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This edition is not available yet.
Published: June


'She loved me as I loved her, fierce as a bloodied blade'

When Lia, an idealistic queen, falls for Xania, her new spymaster--who took the job to avenge her murdered father--they realise all isn't fair in love and treason. 

Lia won’t mourn her uncle: he's left her a bankrupt kingdom considered easy pickings by its neighbours. She’s sworn to be a better ruler, but if she wants to push through her reforms, she needs to beat the Court at its own games. For years, Xania's been determined to uncover her father's murderer. She finally gets a chance when Lia gives her a choice: become her new spymaster, or take a one way trip to the executioner’s axe. It’s an easy decision.

When they fall for each other, their love complicates Lia’s responsibilities and Xania’s plans for vengeance. As they're drawn together amid royal suitors and new diplomats, they uncover treason that could not only end Lia’s reign, but ruin their weakened country. They must decide not only what to sacrifice for duty, but also for each other.

Helen Corcoran grew up in Cork, Ireland, dreaming of scheming queens and dashing lady knights. After graduating from Trinity College, Dublin, she worked as a bookseller for over a decade. She lives in Dublin, writing fantasy novels and haunting coffee shops in search of the perfect latte.

Elegant and clever … a treasure chest of a fantasy debut, as rich in well-drawn characters as it is in treachery, secrets and desire … I couldn’t stop reading.

Samantha Shannon, bestselling author of The Bone Season series and The Priory of the Orange Tree

a fantastic fast-paced novel that manages to be both full of mystery and a joyful coming of age love story … Corcoran writes with a vividness that draws the reader in and makes them feel like they are watching the story play out in front of them … she masterfully weaves the intrigue in the story … a wonderful new voice

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