Written by
Olivia O'Leary
Cover design or artwork by
Martyn Turner
Politicians and Other Animals

An irreverent but affectionate look at the personalities behind Ireland's political life, from one of Ireland's favourite journalists. Number 1 Bestseller.

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160 pages
196x130 mm
Category Humour, Politics

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Displaying an irreverent sense of humour and casting a sharp eye at modern Irish life, Olivia O'Leary entertains us with all the tricks and chicanery of Irish political life -- the unholy alliances between corrupt business and corruptible politicians, the election-poster shenanigans, political serial leader-killing, how the funeral men, doorknockers and those really hungry for power are the ones to win, the likelihood of Ireland having a ‘baldy taoiseach', and how we should never ever underestimate small men. She teases out the all-encompassing issues such as Britain and the war in Iraq, the decline of the Church, the arrogance of religious orders and questions such as who really controls our lives.

A familiar face on our screens and voice on our radio and in our newspapers over the last thirty years, we know Olivia O'Leary from RTÉ's Prime Time and its predecessor Today Tonight, from the BBC's Newsnight and from BBC Radio 4's Between Ourselves. Her broadcasting career is interlaced with her journalistic career with The Irish Times and The Sunday Tribune. Most recently she was back on RTÉ with Later with O'Leary and on radio with In My Life and her slot on Five-Seven Live.

In O'Leary's Attenborough-esque examination you see the political animals in all their colours. A great introductory guidebook to for a Dáil safari

Sunday Business Post
The Sunday Business Post

In this book, broadcaster Olivia O'Leary has brought to life in all their vanities the politicians who perform in the theatre of democracy known as Dáil Eireann. Olivia uses her acute gift for observation to write memorable reports on the Dáil's star turns and the lesser actors alike.

Evening Herald

She's a masterful observer of the deviant behaviour that is politics ... It's a little book of epiphanies about politics and politicians and all their faults and failings, strengths and achievements. It's a most amusing and carefully observed picture

Pat Rabbitte

An extremely entertaining read

RTE Guide

Perfect bedtime reading for the political junkie. Her collection of short essays ... Pose the fundamental question - why do they do it and why are we so interested in them? It is acerbic, witty, moving, angry, and irreverent. O'Leary should be running the country.

The Irish Times
Dermot Ferriter - The Irish Times
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