An Arctic Adventure

Nicola Pierce
Chasing Ghosts

Francis Crozier, second-in-command to Sir John Franklin, is arctic-bound with HMS Erebus and Terror, in search of the fabled North-West Passage. In Derry, Ann and brother William are convinced that the spirit of their dead sister Weesy is haunting them. An enthralling novel based on real events.

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320 pages
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An enthralling novel of two intertwining stories based on real events in 19th century Ireland and the Canadian Arctic.

Two ships Arctic-bound, HMS Erebus and Terror, leave London in 1845, captained by the aging Sir John Franklin. How long they’ll be gone depends on the ice. Meanwhile, second-in-command, Francis Crozier, worries about their inexperienced crew.  

In Derry, little Weesy Coppin dies of a fever but, as far as her sister Ann and brother William are concerned, her spirit returns to haunt them. While an anxious world waits for news of the Artic explorers, the Coppin family try to understand what is going in their home. But, then, one night, all is revealed when the truth literally steps out of the shadows.

Nicola Pierce published her first book for children, Spirit of the Titanic, to rave reviews and five printings within its first twelve months. City of Fate, her second book, transported the reader deep into the Russian city of Stalingrad during World War II. The novel was shortlisted for the Warwickshire School Library Service Award, 2014. Nicola went on to bring seventeenth-century Ireland vividly to life in Behind the Walls (2015), a rich emotional novel set in the besieged city of Derry in 1689, followed by Kings of the Boyne (2016), a moving and gritty account capturing the Battle of the Boyne (1690), which was shortlisted for the Library Association of Ireland (LAI) awards. In 2018 Nicola delved in to the true stories of the passengers, crew and the legacy of the fated ship Titanic, in her illustrated book of the same name. To read more about Nicola, go to her Facebook page, and on Twitter @NicolaPierce3.

a compulsive tale for young readers … beautiful, poignant … Chasing Ghosts burns with a cold, fierce flame, telling an enthralling story of bravery, tragedy and grim determination … quietly and insidiously drawing the reader in until gripped, like ice trapping fast an unwary vessel .. will appeal to both girls and boys, not to mention teachers looking for a book that gives a springboard to useful learning … thrilling … riveting and compulsive, Chasing Ghosts is a book which only goes to enhance Nicola Pierce’s reputation as one of the best writers for young readers

Derry Journal, Lurgan Mail

a novel, for younger readers, which you won’t want to miss

Belfast Telegraph

Nicola Pierce returns with another eerie, haunting, sea-going historical fiction and it is stunning … the reader is taken on an intrepid and ill-fated mission filled with determination and mystery … gripping, wrapping us in the chilling blanket of never-ending cold and ice to labour on with the adventurers, praying for a heroic, positive outcome.  It calls us to suspend our disbelief and embrace the possibility of the other world. You may not want to believe any of this, but its' all there in history. Atmospheric, articulate and intelligent, wonderfully imaginative, impossibly true...this is historical fiction at its' very best

Fallen Star Stories

beautifully written … based on real events ... this is a gripping and fascinating story. Perfect for readers of any age with adventure in their hearts

Irish Independent

eminently credible

Irish Examiner
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