Written by
Olivia O'Leary
Cover design or artwork by
Martyn Turner
Party Animals

Political analyst Olivia O'Leary once more stalks her prey in Party Animals, a collection of political, social and cultural sketches, originally broadcast on RTÉ Radio One's 'Five Seven Live'.

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240 pages
196x130 mm
Category Humour, Politics

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Continuing the theme of her well-received first volume of sketches, Politicians and Other Animals, Olivia O'Leary captures party animals of all colours, from frontbench lions and backbench lambs, to republican frogs and PD rottweilers. Opposition hounds and government foxes are likewise deconstructed. Beyond the Dáil, property bulls and their many commuter victims, make up the political circus.

A familiar face on our screens and voice on our radio and in our newspapers over the last thirty years, we know Olivia O'Leary from RTÉ's Prime Time and its predecessor Today Tonight, from the BBC's Newsnight and from BBC Radio 4's Between Ourselves. Her broadcasting career is interlaced with her journalistic career with The Irish Times and The Sunday Tribune. Most recently she was back on RTÉ with Later with O'Leary and on radio with In My Life and her slot on Five-Seven Live.

O'Leary brings her keen eye and lively pen to bear on political leaders. Smart observations abound, and O'Leary's depth of political knowledge drips from the pages

Sunday Business Post
The Sunday Business Post

[She] manages to get inside the world of politics and illuminate it with telling observations in this series of sketches. The author's great strength is that even though she may sigh for the great battles of old, she gives careful attention to the battles of today. Her judgments do not come from the top of her head but are formed after careful and close examination of the events and personalities that she writes about.

Stephen Collins - The Irish Times

brilliantly done . . . exact, to the point and very insightful.

The Irish Examiner
Vincent Banville - Irish Examiner
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