Michael Scott

Michael Scott is an internationally-published and award-winning author of numerous books for children, teens and adults.

Born and brought up in Dublin, Michael has spent all his life with books. He worked in various bookshops and was an antiquarian bookseller before turning to writing. His first book appeared in 1981, and he has had up to sixty books published since then.

Michael has a special interest in mythology and fantasy and his books for young readers include stories from Celtic mythology, fairy tales, horror and the supernatural: The Last of the Fianna, The Seven Treasures, House of the Dead, October Moon, and Wolf Moon as well as the Virtual Reality thriller, Gemini Game.

Michael Scott's books for adults include horror and the novel Lottery.

OCTOBER MOON was the first in the O'Brien Press OTHERWORLD Series which covers fantasy, horror, magic, the supernatural and science fiction. It was followed by a sequel entitled WOLF MOON.

October Moon caused the RTE Guide to call Michael Scott "The Master of Scariness" and from Orson Scott Card, world-famous fantasy writer: "A compelling story of dread, Scott is the master of the naturally unfolding mystery, and the tension never lets up".

Married, with two children, Michael Scott lives in Dublin.

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