Aubrey Flegg
Katie's War

Caught in the Irish Civil War, Katie has divided loyalties: her shell-shocked father fought in the First World War and wants peace, but others still want to fight for a united Ireland.


Peter Pan Award (IBBY Sweden) - 1999


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When Katie's father returns from the Great War, he is shell-shocked, his personality destroyed. Now, four years later he has more or less recovered, but another war is breaking out, this time at home in Ireland. The Treaty with the British has been signed by Michael Collins, but many disagree with it and want to continue the war for full independence. The country is on the brink of civil war. There are divided loyalties in Kate's family, and she has to choose whom she will support. Finally, she and the Welsh boy Dafydd make a bold plan to destroy an arms cache…

Aubrey Flegg was born in Dublin. His early childhood was spent in County Sligo, Ireland. He went to school in Dublin and later in England. After a spell with a mountain rescue team in Scotland, he returned to Ireland to study geology at Trinity College. He then did geological research in Kenya, before joining the Geological Survey of Ireland in 1968. Aubrey recently took early retirement in order to concentrate on writing.

His first book, Katie's War, is about the civil war period in Ireland; it was published in 1997. Katie's War has recently won the Peter Pan Award 2000 -- an award created by IBBY Sweden for a children's book, translated into Swedish, which gives information on another culture.

Wings Over Delft, the first book in the Louise trilogy, won the Bisto Book of the Year overall award in 2004.

'Very, very impressive indeed'

Robert Dunbar - The Gay Byrne Show

'Well written and entertaining; it also gives an authentic historical perspective on the time'

The Irish Times

'the writing is resonant and strong ... the gripping climax is compelling reading'

Children's Books in Ireland

'A dramatic book, full of history and action ... 10 out of 10.'

A child's review - The Wicklow People
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  • Katie's War

    A Writer's Jigsaw

    Aubrey describes where the ideas for the characters in Katie's War came from, and how they grew and developed into real people.

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