John Sexton
Johnny Coffin School-Dazed

Another dangerous trek inside the brain of Johnny Coffin. Bizarre things keep happening - is it any wonder that Johnny and his mates are school-dazed?

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256 pages
196x130 mm

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A shooting star flashes over the town of Kilfursa and Johnny Coffin makes a wish. That's when the trouble starts. Strange lights follow the school bus, hedgehogs throw themselves at the traffic and all the town dogs go missing. Enya's pet crocodile has also disappeared and Enya wants it back, NOW.

Their teacher, Mr McCluskey, becomes totally unhinged. And the homework he's setting in class becomes weirder and weirder. Is it any wonder that Johnny and his mates are school-dazed?

And there's definitely something out there.

John W. Sexton has had fiction and poetry published in most leading Irish literary journals and was nominated for the Hennessy Literary Award. He also reviews for newspapers. He is the scriptwriter for RTE Radio One's popular weekly children's series, The Ivory Tower, which ran for over one hundred episodes. His first book, The Johnny Coffin Diaries, based on the radio series, proved immensely popular with children across the country. He lives in Kenmare, Co Kerry.

John also has his own website.

A really funny book with beautiful illustrations by Corrina Askin

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