Ten Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Computer Games

Thursday 14th March 2013 by Support

10: Reading a book doesn't make you swerve from side to side like an eejit.

9: You have to keep paying to upgrade your computer so you can play the latest games. But if you keep reading, your brain upgrades for free.

8: Reading a book doesn't give you sore thumbs.

7: You can read a whole book without having to reload your gun once.

6: A book works without batteries, or a power cable ... And so does your brain. Although adults sometimes need coffee.

5. When you're reading a book, the only annoying sound effects are the ones you make yourself.

4: If you talk about books, grown-ups will think you're intelligent, even when you're not. And believe me, I should know.

3: When you've finally finished reading a high-level book, you don't have to start all over again with a really simple one.

2: The great writer, Roald Dahl, once said that the funniest thing in the world is hearing an adult fart. No computer game has ever made me laugh that hard.

And the number one reason why books are better than computer games is: You can scratch a book, drop it on the floor, kick it out the window, drive a car over it and have your baby sister spit chewed up Weetabix all over it and it'll still work.

Although your friends might not want to borrow it anymore.

And the reason it'll still work is that the most important parts of any book that you'll read are inside your head. And your imagination is smarter, funnier, scarier, more colourful and more thrilling than any computer will ever be. And if you keep reading, it'll stay that way for life.

Oisín McGann