Reading Club discussion points for Into the Grey

Thursday 14th March 2013 by Support

Here are some suggested topic for discussion for reading clubs or groups, written by the author, Celine Kiernan.

  1. All of the main characters in Into The Grey have lost something, or had it taken from them. Chose two characters and detail at least one thing they have lost.
  2. How did they cope with that loss?
  3. By the end of the novel has Pat changed? In what way?
  4. In what way are Pat and Dom different to each other? Has their relationship changed by the end of the book?
  5. Why did Francis not recognize Laurence?
  6. After WW1 Cheryl and James decide to leave Skerries. Why?
  7. What is it that the men in the bar object to about James?
  8. Can you explain why David doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of his family?
  9. In what way is Olive’s family different to David’s?
  10. Pat feels that he must deal with his problems alone. Why? Are there other situations in which teenagers can feel this way?
Celine Kiernan