Pupils' impressions of The Johnny Coffin Diaries by John W Sexton

Thursday 14th March 2013 by Support

The Johnny Coffin Diaries is the funniest book I have read ever. Johnny Coghlan is in a school and everyone in his class is called Murphy except him and Blister. There's Monkey Murphy, Murphy-Murphy, Manky Murphy and lots of other Murphys. The teacher's name is Mr McCluskey and he is not a very good teacher, he doesn't like teaching much and he gives the kids stupid things for homework and makes them do long essays and lines. He doesn't ever understand the kids and they make fun of him all the time, even though they do like him.

In The Johnny Coffin Diaries they have a band, it's called the Dead Crocodiles. Johnny is the drummer, Jimmy Pats Murphy is the guitarist but he's not very good, there's Blister O'Flynn who plays the bass guitar and that's all that's in the band. Johnny's girlfriend has a pet crocodile, her name is Enya and she's very scary. Some bits of the book are very funny and some are disgusting.

Johnny looks like a vampire because he has very very pale skin and black hair. Our teacher made a crocodile and the whole class helped to make it. We painted the crocodile green and we got egg shells and glue and painted over the whole thing. Some of us made guitars shaped like crocodiles as well. We brought them all to the opening of Children's Book Festival in the Hugh Lane Gallery and some of us wore Johnny Coffin T-shirts that we won in a prize. The author of Johnny Coffin wasn't there at the party and we were all sad because we want to meet him. I think John Sexton is a great author and I can't wait for his next book.

Gavin K, age 10
Robert S, age 9
Scoil Plás Mhuire, Dorset Street, Dublin 7

Children from Scoil Plás Mhuire, Dorset Street, Dublin 7, with their giant crocodile, at the launch of Bookfest 2001.
Colman, age 12, from Stratford National School, Dublin 6, being interviewed by Gemma Hill for Rattlebag, RTÉ Radio 1, about his impressions of The Johnny Coffin Diaries.
Children from Stratford National School, Dublin 6, at the launch of The Johnny Coffin Diaries.
John Sexton