One of Judi Curtin's biggest fans gets an opportunity to quiz her favourite author ...

Thursday 14th March 2013 by Support

Ciara McGivern (age 9), one of Judi Curtin's biggest fans, gets to ask her favourite author a few questions ...

1.What gave you the idea to write these books?
When I was a child, my family moved around a lot, and I went to three different primary schools. Because of this experience, I wanted to write about best friends who had to cope with living far away from each other.

2.Was there any particular reason that you picked the names Alice and Megan?
I like both of those names, but I don’t know anyone who has those names, so I could write away without being accused of putting real people into my books.

3.How long did it take you to write one book?
A first draft takes two or three months, but there’s lots of editing to be done after that.

4.Are you planning to do more books?
Yes. I love writing, and I’m working on a few ideas at the moment.

5.When did you start writing the books?
I started the first Alice book about four or five years ago.

6.Is it just you who writes the books, or do people help you write them?
I write them myself, but my daughters, Annie and Ellen often give me ideas, or help me out when I get stuck on something.

7.When you were a little girl did you have a best friend like Megan?
Not really. I think she’s made up of a mixture of girls I used to know.

8.What age were you when you started writing the books?
I forget..

9.Are you going to do a book that has Rosie older?
I’ve thought about doing that, but I don’t have any immediate plans.

10.Did someone else inspire you to write the books or did you come up with it yourself?
As a teacher and a mother, I often read aloud to children, and after years of this I suddenly thought ' I could do that'. And so I did.


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