Making witches' hats

Thursday 14th March 2013 by Support

Children from second and third classes, Scoil Plás Mhuire, Dorset Street, Dublin 7, make witches' hats with Mary Carroll from the Pine Forest Arts Centre, in the ILAC Centre Library, during Children's Book Festival 2001.

PineForest2PineForest3We went to the ILAC Centre. We met Mary Carroll who runs the Pine Forest Arts Centre with another woman. She is an artist and she writes books about art and craft. She showed us how to make witches' hats. First she cut out semi-circles and then we made a cone shapes and stuck gold and silver stars on them. We cut out bats from black paper and put wire on at the back and stuck that to the top of the hat. We had a really good time with Mary.
Alexei K, age 7

PineForest1 Mary Carroll made pointy black witch hats with us in the ILAC Centre library. It was Book Week. We stuck loads of decorations on the hats. She was fun.
Gary K, age 7
PineForest4 When it was Book Week we went to a library and Mary Carroll was there. She helped us to make Hallowe'en hats out of black paper and lots of coloured shapes. She was very nice. She has an art and craft centre in the mountains.
Martin M, age 9
Mary Carroll