Stuff That Drives Irish People Round the Feckin' Bend

Written by
Colin Murphy
Illustrated by
Brendan O'Reilly
In The Name of Jaysus!

In the Name of Jaysus is a hilarious rant about all of the maddening things we have to put up with in Ireland; things that are easily fixable, but nobody has bothered; things that exist purely so that some fecker can get his hands on your dosh; or things that go on because those responsible for them are simply a bunch of stupid gobshites.

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Category Humour

Ever lose the head when the country grinds to a halt after two centimetres of snow?

Do the parish-pump politicians, perennially pathetic health services and practically useless road signs drive you to drink?

Are all these and a million other maddening quirks of Irish society sapping your will to live?

In the Name of Jaysus is a hilarious rant about all things exasperating, irritating and downright infuriating in Ireland today. If you’re Irish – or if you just live here and have to endure our traditional manner of doing things arseways – then, in the name of Jaysus, this is the book for you!

Colin Murphy is the author of The Most Famous Irish People You’ve Never Heard Of and co-author of the bestselling ‘Feckin’ collection (The O’Brien Press). His début historical novel Boycott (Brandon) was published in 2012 to great acclaim. 

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