The Maurice Hickey Diaries

Pat Shortt
I Will in Me Politics

It’s rare that a political diary of such significance comes along. Councillor Maurice Hickey is a credit to his constituency, find out why in this hilarious account of local politics from Pat Shortt's legendary creation.

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224 pages
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It’s rare that a political diary of such significance comes along. The O’Brien Press is proud to announce that Councillor Maurice Hickey has agreed to share his experiences in this informative and insightful account of his political exploits.

Councillor Maurice Hickey is a leader in his community, the man who gets things done. And what needs doing in the parishes of Killdicken, Honetyne and Glengooley mostly relates to blocked drains, mad dogs, parish festivals, clerical appointments, over-zealous guards and the occasional romantic dalliance.

Global events are not the concern of this councillor or his constituents. Looming large over the political and personal life of Councillor Hickey is the Mother. She is his spin-doctor, cook, inspiration, conscience - and his fiercest critic!

A hilarious account of local politics from Pat Shortt's legendary creation, the esteemed Councillor Hickey. This diary could be described as an invaluable piece of social history by people who know nothing about it. If you enjoy watching a man wade through one self-made mess after another, then this is the book for you!

Pat Shortt started in comedy when he left Art College. With Jon Kenny he created D’Unbelievables, Ireland’s most popular comedy duo. Together they performed their unique and critically acclaimed brand of comedy in theatres all over Ireland, Great Britain and The United States as well as various countries across Europe.

As a solo artist Pat’s first show was a sell-out. Pat’s work was hailed as comic genius by the Irish Times. An actor of note, Pat has appeared in many plays and films. Pat recently played the lead role of Josie in a movie called Garage which picked up the CICAE Art and Essai Cinema Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

An accomplished musician Pat has recorded with many bands and toured extensively in the US with the brass section of The Saw Doctors. In 2006, he scored the big hit in Ireland with the song "The Jumbo Breakfast Roll" under the guise of showband singer Dicksie Walsh. The song was a number one hit in Ireland for six weeks with sales going 4 times platinum.

Pat's television credits include Tom the Character in Father Ted, (Channel 4) and Bobby in The Fitz (BBC). Pat can currently be seen in the popular television series Killinascully. The successful series features Pat in a variety of roles and was created by him for RTÉ.

A book! A book! Is that what you call it? I wouldn't use it to kill bluebottles. Why should I read about that useless looderamawn?

Mrs Hickey (The Mother)

Our teacher used to say Maurice always had a way with words. The rest of us just called him a feckin' liar.

Pa Quirke, Postman

This book is written by a man who rarely pays for his own porter. Please buy a copy and it might encourage him to buy a round. But if I were you I wouldn't bother my arse reading it, 'tis a load of sh**e.

Tom Walshe, Publican

A masterpiece of comedic writing - an irreverent chicken-soup for the soul, that will cheer you up, no matter what’s going on in your world’

The Clare Champion
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