True Papal Stories that will Amaze and Amuse

Written by
Dr. Robert Curran
Donal O'Dea
Holy Smoke

Come for a unique tour of the (un)Holy See, meeting some of history's most entertaining (and often disgraceful) popes.

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80 pages
175x105 mm
Category Humour

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Is the Pope Catholic? Well, not necessarily. Neither is he always a he, or even always alive. Meet licentious popes, incompetent popes, murderous, debauched and bewildered popes from the pages of history. True stories that are stranger than fiction; factual but entertaining.This is the papacy stripped of pomp and circumstance, a unique tour of the (un)Holy See.

No one is sure where Bob Curran comes from. Tradition says that one moment he wasn’t there and the next moment he was in County Down. He has, however, held various jobs – including gravedigger, hospital porter, civil servant and teacher – has studied History and Education at the New University of Ulster, and has received a Ph.D. in Educational Social Psychology. Bob has a strong interest in local history and folklore, and has both written and lectured on these subjects; he is a frequent contributor to radio, and has appeared on television co-presenting programmes on heritage and history. It is said that Bob currently lives somewhere in north Antrim, with his teacher wife and two small children; but it is difficult to be sure, as he is seen only ‘between the lights’ (at twilight), and then only by a fortunate few.

Donal O'Dea is a senior Art Director at one of Ireland’s leading advertising agencies.

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