Helen O'Rahilly

Helen O’Rahilly is a television executive, producer and journalist. A Dubliner, she worked at RTÉ before heading for the BBC in London where she’d spend the next 30 years, with a year’s trip home to be the first woman Director of RTÉ Television. As the executive of BBC One, she helped bring back Doctor Who to TV screens while as an investigative journalist she faced an armed Mafia member in Las Vegas, had a Rottweiler set on her and faced down a chain-wielding gangster. “None of this” she says, “prepared me for being locked up with a feisty 90 year old”.

Helen left London in 2019 and now lives in Dublin with her cats and a mobile phone that never stops ringing.

  • The Stairlift Ascends

    The Stairlift Ascends

    Tweets from a Covid Cocoon

    Written by Helen O'Rahilly, Illustrated by Jennie O'Connell

    Cocooning with her ninety-year-old Aunt is not the life Helen imagined when she came home to Dublin after 30 years in London. Bickering, bitching, masking-up for rare outings, The Stairlift Ascends is a Twitter diary of our time trying to live together, surviving the pandemic: and each other!

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