James Joyce

James Joyce

James Joyce (1882-1941) was born and educated in Dublin. His first collection of short stories was published in 1904 and was met with great praise in Ireland and abroad. Whilst living in Paris, he wrote Ulysses which quickly established Joyce as one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. Every year on 16 June, Joyceans across the globe celebrate Bloomsday, the day on which the action of Ulysses took place, proving Joyce’s importance to literature.

We are delighted to have a range of James Joyce books available from O'Brien Press


Ulysses by James Joyce

Widely regarded as Joyce's masterwork, and one of the leading novels ever in English, the Dublin Illustrated Edition faithfully reproduces the original 1922 text with specially-commissioned illustrations of key locations in the book.

A special signed, numbered, slipcased, limited edition is available also.


Dubliners by James Joyce

A beautiful, easy-to-read edition of this classic short story collection.

Best-Loved Joyce

Best-Loved Joyce selected by Jamie O'Connell, introduction by Bob Joyce

A beautiful and accessible introduction to the writings of James Joyce. Short, entertaining quotes from his major works: Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, with more from his poetry & letters, and some family anecdotes handed down to grand-nephew Bob Joyce.

James Joyce - Portrait of a Dubliner

James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner by Alfonso Zapico

A unique graphic novel biography of Joyce: by turns hilarious and sad, a fascinating view on a remarkable life

The Joyce We Knew

The Joyce We Knew: Memoirs of Joyce edited by Ulick O'Connor

A collection of personal reminiscences of James Joyce by some of his friends and contemporaries which give a deep insight into the character of the man and bring to light many less well-known characteristics.

Written in my Heart

Written in My Heart: Walks Through James Joyce's Dublin by Emily Carson and Mark Traynor.

A unique view of Dublin as seen through the life and writings of Joyce, Carson and Traynor (from the James Joyce Centre) introduce the reader to the buildings, streets and characters that Joyce immortalised.

The Woodcutter and His Family

The Woodcutter and His Family by Frank McGuinness.

The World War intensifies in Europe. In Zurich a writer breathes his last imagining his life till now from his childhood in Dublin. The voices of his family circling him – wife, son, daughter. And James Joyce has saved for them one last story to delight and defy them: The Woodcutter And His Children ... A novel from one of Ireland's leading writers, based on Joyce's life and family.