Architecture and the City

Edited by
The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
Dr. Sandra O'Connell
Noel J. Brady
Foreword by
Mary Robinson
Dublin By Design

An illustrated history of the development of Dublin city through the last century. There is a particular focus on its role as Ireland's capital since independence 100 years ago, as well as on architectural planning. In association with the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI).


This edition is not available yet, but we welcome you to place a pre-order.

This edition is not available yet, but we welcome you to place a pre-order.

240 pages
280x240 mm

A look at the fabric of Dublin’s streetscapes, by twenty experts in architecture, planning and design. Dublin has undergone many changes in its long evolution, leaving it with a rich and varied architectural heritage: a Viking and medieval street layout, a famous Georgian core and a treasure trove of Victorian landmark buildings, along with some stunning, cutting-edge modern design.
This sumptuously illustrated book charts the last century of Dublin’s development, and asks how we can – and how we should – shape our city for the future.

Chapters include

  • Mary Clark: Civitas to Metropolis, the governance of Dublin since 1192
  • Gráinne Shaffrey on Sackville St/O'Connell St
  • Freddie Dwyer: City of Industry. Iveagh Markets, Four Courts etc
  • Tony Reddy: City of Opportunity. IFSC, Heuston Quarter, Smithfield
  • Frank McDonald: destruction of Dublin, Temple Bar
  • Shane O Toole: arts and the city
  • Ciaran Cuffe: transport
  • Paul de Freine: The Healthy City. Hospitals and healthcare
  • Lorcan Sirr: housing success from failure
  • Éanna ní Lamhna: The Green City
  • Sean O'Laoire: The Place of Culture

Heavily illustrated with plans, drawings and photographs. In association with The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI).

Foreword – Mary Robinson page 7

Introduction – Noel Brady & Dr Sandra O’Connell 9

From Whence We Came

  • Civitas to Metropolis – Dr Mary Clark 13
  • Main Street Ireland – Gráinne Shaffrey 25
  • Victorian Foundations – Frederick O’Dwyer 43
  • Neo-Georgian Dublin – Dr Brian Ward 55
  • City of Opportunity – Tony Reddy 63

A Phoenix Reborn

  • Mid-twentieth-century Architectonics – Dr Ellen Rowley 81
  • Condemnation, Damnation & Salvation – Frank McDonald 93
  • A Small But Significant City – Shane O’Toole 103

History of the Future

The Movement of People

  • Moving Iron and Soul – Anne Kiernan 115
  • Mobilising an Urbanised Capital – Ciaran Cuffe 127

The Foundation for Health

  • The Healthy City – Paul de Freine 133
  • Children in the City – Dr Jackie Bourke 149

The Gathering of Community

  • Housing Success From Failure – Dr Lorcan Sirr 157
  • Creating Communities of Care – Gerry Cahill 169
  • The Polycentric City – James Pike 183

The Green City

  • Trees, Rivers, Parks, Islands, Shore – Éanna Ní Lamhna 193
  • Phoenix Park: An Anthropogenic Odyssey – Dr Denis Byrne 199

The Place of Culture

  • Annalivia – Sean O’Laoire 209
  • The Measure of a City – Grafton Architects 221

Next Generation Architecture 233

Notes 238

Mary Robinson was president of Ireland from 1990 to 1997, and UN High Commissioner for Human rights from 1997 to 2002. She has had many significant roles in international leadership, focusing on climate justice, human rights and women's rights. Earlier in her career, as a barrister, she represented the protesters occupying Wood Quay, the Viking heart of Dublin, and was instrumental in having it declared a national monument.

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