The Murder of Trevor O'Keeffe

Written by
Eroline O'Keeffe
Jane Kelly
Fatal Journey

An extraordinary story of an ordinary woman's relentless pursuit of justice for her son, who was brutally murdered while hitchhiking in France in 1987.

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240 pages
196x130 mm
Category True Crime

A mother's story of her extraordinary efforts to get justice for her murdered son.

On 8 August 1987, the body of nineteen-year old Trevor O'Keeffe was discovered in France. The young hitchhiker had unwittingly strayed into the hunting ground of a serial killer. Since 1980, seven young men had disappeared in the 'Triangle of Death' around Mourmelon military camp. A year after Trevor's murder, chief adjutant Pierre Chanal was stopped by police, who found a Hungarian hitchhiker bound and gagged in the back of his van. In 1990 Chanal was convicted of abduction and rape. He was released from prison in 1995.

What about her son, Eroline O'Keeffe wanted to know, and those other sons who had disappeared? Although everything pointed to Chanal as the perpetrator, the French justice system and the military seemed uninterested in pursuing the cases. She set about a relentless, sixteen-year-pursuit of Chanal. She harried the authorities and overcame deliberate obstruction, language barriers and judicial bungling, until, finally, in October 2003, she sat in the courtroom in Marnes for the start of the trial of Chanal for the murder of Trevor.

Would she get justice so long denied her?

Eroline O'Keeffe is Trevor's mother, who led a single-handed campaign to bring a notorious serial killer to justice.
Jane Kelly has produced and directed news and current affairs documentaries for the BBC network. She has also produced and directed programmes for Granada Television, UTV, RTE and TG4.

Strange how a random meeting can bring so much grief on a family . . . a good read

The Sunday Tribune

I sit at a table with Eroline and her sister Noeleen . . . I am awed, astonished and horrified: awed at the strength and courage that these women demonstrated in their fight for justice; astonished at the lack of assistance given to them by the state during the ordeal; and horrified as I listen to the story of a serial killer.

The Sunday Independent
Sunday Independent

This memoir chronicles an Irish mother's obsession with bringing her son's killer to justice.

Sunday Busness Post
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