Ebooks bought from www.obrien.ie have social watermarking. This means that there is no Digital Rights Management (DRM) software required to read them. However the name and email address of the purchaser are embedded in the book clearly identifying them. Just like physical books, ePubs are protected by copyright, and no part may be reproduced or used in any form without permission from the publisher.

EBooks bought from www.obrien.ie are ePub files, and can be read on most devices. The main exception are Kindles: all of our eBooks are available for Kindle directly from Amazon.

Following purchase your file will be delivered to your device. In addition, and you will receive an email with a download link which is valid for 100 days.

See instructions below for viewing your content on various devices. Please click on the relevant link below.


Reading eBooks on PC / MacOS / Linux

There are many eBook reader applications available. Calibre is one of the most popular and is available for most operating systems.

Go to https://calibre-ebook.com/download.

Select the version that is appropriate for your computer.

The installer should start after downloading: if it does not, double-click on the file. If you get a security warning from your computer, click Run.

Select your preferences.

To read your eBook, select “Add books” and locate the ePub file.


Reading eBooks on iPad / iOS Devices

You can read your ePub file in iBooks, which should be present on your device.

If it is not installed, iBooks is available for free from the App Store.

When you receive your file, or follow the download link in your email, select “Open in iBooks”.


Reading eBooks on Android Devices

You will need to download an ebook reader application from the Google Play store. Popular eBook readers include Bluefire, Moon+ and Mantano.

When you receive your file, or follow the download link in your mail, it will open in your program.