John Farrelly
Deadly Irish History - The Vikings

Nobody was more DEADLY than the Vikings who attacked Ireland in the 8th century: DEADLY! Viking warriors! DEADLY Viking ships! DEADLY Viking weapons!
But were they really just marauding, murdering maniacs? Learn while you laugh with this irreverent and entertaining history book.

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144 pages
196x130 mm
Category History
Series Deadly Irish History

Irish history isn’t boring ... it’s DEADLY!

And nobody was more DEADLY! than the Vikings who attacked Ireland in the 8th century!
DEADLY! Viking warriors!
DEADLY! Viking ships!
DEADLY! Viking weapons!
But were they really just marauding, murdering maniacs?

The first book in a new series 'Deadly Irish History', The Vikings is jam-packed with all kinds of interesting facts and stories about Viking life. Highly illustrated with cartoons and comic strips as well as illustrating how vikings ships and houses were made, it's also full of things to make and do, quizzes and puzzles.

The world of the Vikings in Ireland is an endlessly fascinating one, so
be like them and go out and EXPLORE!

John Farrelly was born and raised in a village just outside Newry, Co. Down. After dropping out of art college because all he wanted to do was write stories and draw pictures, he became a freelance caricature artist. He always did a full day's work - he just spread it over the whole week. Finally, after a three-day siege, where no one was injured and all hostages were released, The O'Brien Press let him write stories and draw pictures. This is his first book.

Both written and illustrated by John Farrelly, The Vikings is the fantastic first book in a new series, Deadly Irish History, with great potential. Ireland has such rich history and books like these are a great way of introducing children to it. The book, Farrelly’s first, has been very well researched. It is jam-packed with fascinating facts and stories about who the Vikings were, their way of life and their myths and legends. The author’s sense of humour is used in abundance throughout the book, with jokes that appeal to both younger and older readers. The illustrations are clever and funny, and feel like they drew some inspiration from the Asterix comics. Comic strips and fake newspapers add to the entertainment factor. The book also involves much more than just information – there are quizzes, puzzles and true-or-false questionnaires. One of the highlights is a crafting section where you can learn how to dress like a Viking and make brooches, helmets and shields. Although it might be a cliché, The Vikings is the kind of book that makes history fun, and teachers would be wise to invest in a copy

Inis Magazine
Paul Staunton

the first instalment of a new series; Deadly Irish History: The Vikings takes us on a madcap, marauding, entertaining and highly informative journey back in time and packed full of facts, legends and stories about Viking life and their quests in Ireland. With clever and quirky illustrations donning every page, there are cartoons and comics; tongue-in-cheek 'newspaper articles', 'documents' and 'catalogs' highlighting all your Viking needs...all proving that Irish history isn't boring at's deadly! With a wide range of quizzes, questionnaires, puzzles and make-and-do pages, this book will have you riveted for hours. Basically, I loved it! Well-written, wonderfully illustrated, completely fascinating and so much fun! ... More Deadly Irish History, please!

Fallen Star Stories

lots of cartoons and fun facts for history loving children

Irish Independent

‘a thoroughly enjoyable history of the Vikings in Ireland, a subject about which I knew absolutely nothing but now find myself totally fascinated! The format of comic strips, illustrated guides to lifestyles and Viking technology is not only engaging, it’s FUN, the best way to bring history to life for younger readers … Don’t hang about - buy a copy now’

John Freeman,

Farrelly’s approach is fresh, his questioning style right on target for his age nine-plus readership … find out everything you’d never thought to ask about Vikings in this humourous, quirky look at Irish history

Evening Echo

brilliant … entertaining … educational

BBC Radio Ulster’s John Toal Show
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