A Guide to Reading Ages for O'Brien Press Books

O’Brien Press books are colour-coded with reading age flags. This guide indicates which flags are most appropriate for different class levels, to support you in choosing the right book for your students.

  Reading age flag Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland
Black flag - Picture books Black flag
Picture books
Usable throughout the school
(but especially Junior Infants, Senior Infants)
Usable throughout the school
(but especially Year 1 [P1])
Purple flag: reading age 5+ Purple flag Reading level 5+ Senior Infants, First Class (also Second Class) Year 2 [P2]. Key Stage 1
Yellow flag: reading age 6+ Yellow flag Reading level 6+ Second Class
(also First Class, Third Class)
Year 3 [P3]. Key Stage 1
Red flag: reading age 8+ Red flag
Reading level 8+
Third Class, Fourth Class Year 4, Year 5 [P4, P5]. Key Stages 1 & 2
Blue flag - reading age 10+ Blue flag
Reading level 10+
Fifth Class, Sixth Class Year 6, Year 7 [P6, P7]. Key Stage 2
Green flag: reading age 12+ Green Flag Reading level 12+ First Year, Second Year
(second-level schools)
Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 (secondary schools). Key Stage 3