Gregory Maguire
Four Stupid Cupids

Strange happenings are afoot and the Copycats and Tattletales are in the thick of things once again! When four inept cupids from Ancient Greece send one arrow after another into the wrong target, there are hilarious results...

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176 pages
196x130 mm

Strange happenings are afoot in Hamlet, Vermont, and the Copycats and Tattletales are in the thick of things once again!

When Fawn brings an old vase into Miss Earth's class for show-and-tell, Josiah Fawcett Elementary School is invaded by four not-so-clever cupids from Ancient Greece. Anyone stung by the cupids' potent arrows is destined to fall helplessly in love.

As the boys in the Copycats club fret about what the girls might do with the cupids' formidable power, the female Tattletales seize the opportunity to make a love match for their lonely teacher, Miss Earth. Things go terribly awry with hilarious results as the inept cupids send one arrow after another to the wrong target.

Author of the international sensation, Wicked, Gregory Maguire was born and raised in the United States. He has also lived in Dublin and London. He is a writer of fantasies, science fiction, picture books and historical novels, and he also composes music, is an artist, and loves to travel. He is a founder member of Children's Literature New England.

This is a funny and endearing story for children in the middle years ... the entire story is permeated with affection.

Inis Magazine

Maguire's lively writing allows you to picture things clearly. Four Stupid Cupids is highly enjoyable, great fun and a tender, shy final page reminds us: "To kids, love seems sort of stupid. But once you realise what it is, it seems like the smartest thing on earth.".

The Irish Times

I found myself warming to Maguire's charm. Nine to twelve year olds probably will as well.

Books Ireland

A satisfying read which is funny, fast, complex and to be recommended

The School Librarian
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