Written by
Catherine O'Neil
Illustrated by
Greg Massardier
The Leprechaun's Challenge

A Tall Tale about the Leprechaun Finn, who uses his powers to save a gossipy and bitter old crone.

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64 pages
196x110 mm

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When awarded the Armband of the Fearless and the Flawless, Leprechaun Finn is given the power to right what has been wronged, restore what has been lost, and sanctify what has been made profane.

Seeking new adventure, Finn discovers the country cottage of the widow Eileen Fitzgerald, a gossipy and bitter old crone. Can Finn use his power and change her life forever?

The Leprechaun's Challenge is a humorous and creative story in the style of an Irish traditional folk tale.

Catherine O'Neil is a retired school teacher living in upstate New York. She was a teacher for thirty-six years, during which time she discovered her love of children's books. She also holds a master's degree in art and is a skilled graphic artist and illustrator.

Two new magical tales for young readers ... Both books are rich in the trappings of traditional tales: compelling story-telling language, strong moral elements and a tricky magical creature set against a homely setting.

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Well written, great humour, funny caricatures and zany adventures

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