Elizabeth Winthrop
The Castle in the Attic

An action-filled quest in which William has to pit his wits against an evil sorcerer and fire-breathing dragon.

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192 pages
196x130 mm

A strange legend attaches to the model castle given to William by his friend Mrs Phillips as her going-away present. William is drawn into the legend when the silver knight who guards the castle somes to life.

In an action-filled fantasy quest he has to pit his wits against an evil sorcerer and a fire-breathing dragon to free an other-world kingdom from its ancient spell.

An enthralling story of magic and adventure which weaves the everyday problems of growing up into the age-old battle beween good and evil.

Elizabeth Winthrop is a well-known, award-winning American author. She has written for a very wide-ranging audience, everything from picture books to adult fiction, and has more than twenty books to her credit. She also lectures on writing in schools and colleges throughout the USA. Before becoming a writer she worked as an editor in the children's department of a major publishing house. She lives in New York City.

"an absorbing fantasy . . . Colourful details make the story special"

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