Sam Millar
On the Brinks

The incredible true life story of Sam Millar, from his childhood in Belfast to membership of the IRA, time spent in Long Kesh internment camps and carrying out the $7 million Brinks heist, one of the biggest robberies in U.S. history. Subject of RTE Documentary on One: The Seven Million Dollar Man.


Trophée 813 de Meilleur Roman Etranger - 2014


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‘Security guards told the police that they were surprised by assailants who had somehow evaded the sophisticated security system. They could not say how many robbers there were…it appears to be one of the biggest robberies in U.S. history.’

New York Times, front page

In 1993 $7.4 million was stolen from the Brink’s Armored Car Depot in Rochester, New York, the fifth largest robbery in US history. Sam Millar was a member of the gang who carried out the robbery. He was caught, found guilty and incarcerated, before being set free by Bill Clinton's government as an essential part of the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

This remarkable book is Sam's story, from his childhood in Belfast, membership of the IRA, time spent in Long Kesh internment camps and the Brinks heist and aftermath. Unputdownable.

Sam Millar is a bestselling crime writer and playwright from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has won numerous literary awards and his books have all been critically praised.

His incredible life was explored in RTE's Documentary on One in August 2020: The Seven Million Dollar Man

On The Brinks tells the story of [Millar] an IRA activist imprisoned in the worst jails in Ireland, prior to one of the most famous robberies in American history. It this were fiction, it would be an excellent thriller, but it’s a true story, sustained by terrific writing.”

Rolling Stone Magazine

The indomitable Irish. On The Brinks is an amazing book built in two stages. Belfast, firstly, New York, each other. Two cities for two extraordinary lives. The story of those years is terrible humiliation, torture, acts of barbarism, man reduced to the level of a beast. Between Nazi concentration camps and gulags, Long Kesh finds its place among these horrors.”

Le Figaro

“This man {Millar} is a true force of nature…with a strong will, a spirit unswervingly tough. On The Brinks is a piece of history narrated with humor, humility and simplicity. How can such a combination be possible? Yet it is true and an incredible story of Sam Millar, the indomitable Irish. Grab a copy now.”

Huffington Post
Corine Pirozzi

“Mesmerizing and fascinating, On The Brinks is one of the most revealing and powerful memoirs you will ever read.”

New York Journal of Books

…many twists and turns…perfect for a film…

Irish Times
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