The Vagaries of Databases

It’s great to have a bestseller, and when we produced our special World Book Day book this year (a flipper book combining Daifní Dineasár [another WBD first — an Irish language book] and Alfie Green and the Monkey Puzzler), we were confident that this would be one: every year, the kid’s charts are dominated for a couple of weeks by these books which, with a cover price of €1.50, are mainly bought with the vouchers given to all school children.

Of course, just about nobody publishes the children’s bestseller lists these days, so our moment of glory is often missed by the general public. A little database error, however, meant that is was categorized as general non-fiction instead of a children’s books — which has had it at the top of the bestsellers under General Fiction for two weeks now!

Maybe we should be a little less careful about our data in future …