Written by
Dr. Ian Flitcroft
Illustrated by
Britt Spencer
A Time Traveller’s Guide to Life, the Universe & Everything

A Time Traveller's Guide to Life follows Einstein and his traveling companion through space and time; this innovative graphic novel pairs the narrative with fantastic, whimsical artwork to make difficult concepts clear - and explain life, the universe and (almost) everything!

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208 pages
240x170 mm
Category Graphic Novel

Journey through space and time on a beam of light with the ultimate travel guide: Albert Einstein!

Einstein said his first ideas about relativity came from looking in the mirror and wondering what it would be like to chase after a beam of light. In this graphic novel, he invites us on just such a journey through the universe . . . and beyond.

Along the way, you’ll learn about the science behind everything from the origins of the universe to black holes, climate change, evolution vs. intelligent design, and the meaning of life.

Dr Ian Flitcroft is an eye surgeon at Temple St Children’s hospital. He has been extensively published in the academic world with more than 30 scientific
peer-reviewed papers and contributions to four multi-author books.
Outside medicine he is the author of an award winning popular science
blog (www.journeybystarlight.com) which has gathered in excess
of 600,000 views. This blog was spotted by a book agent and developed into a unique graphic novel popular science book.

astonishingly informative and entertaining graphic novel … pacy, enjoyable and even intelligible … this innovative, informative approach might be just the inspiration required to set a youngster on a future science path … there will be pupils who will positively devour it

English 4-11 Magazine

real gem … the mysteries of the universe, from black holes to time travel, are memorably revealed thanks to Brett Spencer’s zany illustrations and Flitcroft’s infectious enthusiasm

Irish Examiner

would be very suitable for any child with an interest in science and all about where the universe comes from … it would particularly suit reluctant readers … a strong 3rd class reader would have no problems with the book … it’s a great read that even an adult would enjoy

InTouch Magazine

if you know a kid who’s into science, this book is a brilliant introduction to the subject. In fact, it’s a great introduction no matter what age you are. With a light, whimsical tone and masterful illustrations in a traditional comic storytelling style, it handles the most abstract subjects with clear explanations and tangible examples. Bulging with knowledge, this ambitious book is written and illustrated with an infectious passion for understanding how the world works. An absolute must

Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reading Guide

this innovative graphic novel delivers fun and easy-to-understand, bite-size facts and is packed with fantastic artwork

Primary Times

amazing science facts for your little Einsteins … fascinating reading … young brains … will hopefully be inspired in their own scientific and imaginative journey

Evening Echo

if this graphic novel doesn’t convert young readers to the joys of science, physics, astronomy, astrology, and life itself, then nothing will. A witty kaleidoscope of illustrations clearly masks the seriousness of the issues being explained … hilarious. Age 10+ and adult

Irish Examiner

a new and refreshing approach to scientific reading

The Irish Post

a hilariously funny book with beautiful comic style pictures, imaginative ideas


Has the potential to open up physics and the realm of Einstein to unsuspecting comics fans, which means Flitcroft's journey is a success.

Publishers Weekly

Dr. Flitcroft and Mr. Spencer have created a showcase for why comics and graphic novels can be the perfect teaching tools.

New York Journal of Books

Reading Journey by Starlight is like taking an interstellar field trip with the best teacher in the world


Avoiding confusion and condescension, visual physiologist and eye surgeon Flitcroft packs this graphic novel with detailed explanations of physics and astronomy and just the right amount of humor. (Selected in Top 10 Graphic Novels 2014)

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