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  • Irish Rebellions

    Irish Rebellions


    By Helen Litton

    Using eyewitness accounts, speeches and illustrative material, Helen Litton describes these most important Irish rebellions, from the United Irishmen of 1798 to the IRA of the War of Independence.

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  • Joey Dunlop

    Joey Dunlop

    King of the Roads

    Written by and Photographs by Stephen Davison

    A celebration of Joey Dunlop's life and career from the public glories to the private moments. Captures Joey in action, his triumphant racing moments, with his family, on his relief missions to Romania. A fitting record of one of the greatest motorcyclists the sport has ever seen.

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  • Taney


    Progress of a Parish

    By Carol Robinson Tweed

    A celebration of the progress of a Parish. This is a social and historical profile of the Parish of Taney in Dublin. The origins of this close knit parish and how it has developed over the years. This book explores the culture of this society and engages with the heart of a community.

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  • The Bespoke Hitman

    The Bespoke Hitman

    By Sam Millar

    Sometimes robbing a bank can become a lot more dangerous than you planned.

    Halloween night. Belfast city centre. In the freezing, pelting rain, three men in wolf costumes decide to rob a bank.

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  • Survivors


    A True-Life Titanic Story

    Written by Elisabeth Navratil, Translated by Joan de Sola Pinto

    Based on the true story of the author's father and uncle, who survived the Titanic disaster as children, but could not be identified because they had been travelling under false names.

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  • Wildflower Girl

    Wildflower Girl

    Written by Marita Conlon-McKenna, Illustrated by Donald Teskey, Cover design or artwork by PJ Lynch

    The second book in the famine trilogy
    At seven, Peggy made a terrifying journey through famine-stricken Ireland. Now thirteen, and determined to make a new life for herself, she sets off alone to America …

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  • Let's Colour Ireland

    Let's Colour Ireland

    By Alan Nolan

    Explore Ireland through your colouring pencils! With this fun variety of Irish landscapes, interesting characters and iconic places. Meet Fungi the Dolphin in Dingle and visit the Rock of Cashel. This is the perfect colouring book for children living in Ireland or visiting from abroad.

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  • Follow the Old Road

    Follow the Old Road

    Discover the Ireland of Yesteryear

    Written by Jo Kerrigan, Photographs by Richard Mills

    By turning off the main highway and discovering old routes, some of which have been travelled for thousands of years, you will see Ireland in an entirely different way. Follow the Old Road will take you on a tour of a variety of pathways from great river roads to lost railways.

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  • The Giant's Causeway

    The Giant's Causeway

    And the North Antrim Coast

    By Philip Watson

    The definitive guide to one of Ireland’s greatest natural and cultural wonders. The Giant’s Causeway is a place where myth and science meet: were the spectacular basalt columns formed through the rapid cooling of lava from an underwater volcano, or created by mythical Irish giant, Finn MacCool?

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  • Best-Loved Swift

    Best-Loved Swift

    Written by Jonathan Swift, Edited by John Wyse Jackson

    A fresh view of the life, work and wit of Jonathan Swift, the first of Ireland’s truly great writers, presented through his poetry, fiction, epigrams, social satires and personal letters.

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  • Pass Your Driving Test in Ireland

    Pass Your Driving Test in Ireland

    A Handbook for Success

    By Kathleen Comerford

    For learner drivers preparing for your driving test or international drivers converting to an Irish driving license, this book covers every section of the Irish RSA driving test. Learn to drive safely, discover the most common reasons for failing and avoid accumulating faults during your test. Richly illustrated and completely up-to-date.


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  • Belfast Walks

    Belfast Walks

    By Seth Linder

    Belfast and the surrounding countryside have so much to offer, and are waiting to be explored!

    Hike through wooded glades and past plunging waterfalls, or stroll through the Titanic Quarter and hear about the city’s industrial history. Follow in the footsteps of football legend George Best and Narnia creator C.S. Lewis.

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  • Titanic


    True Stories of her Passengers, Crew and Legacy

    By Nicola Pierce

    This book commemorates the enduring legacy of the world’s most famous ship – TITANIC.

    Her story is one of all those bound together on that fateful voyage. On board were: writers, artists, honeymooners, sportsmen, priests, reverends, fashion designers, aristocrats, millionaires, children, crew and emigrants looking for a better life.

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  • Ireland's Pirate Trail

    Ireland's Pirate Trail

    A Quest to Uncover Our Swashbuckling Past

    By Des Ekin

    Des Ekin embarks on a roadtrip around the entire coast of Ireland, in search of our piratical heritage, uncovering an amazing history of swashbuckling bandits, both Irish-born and imported.

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  • Dublin and the Viking World

    Dublin and the Viking World

    Written by Howard Clarke and Dr. Ruth Johnston and Sheila Dooley

    Dublin and the Viking World is a unique blend of the familiar and the unfamiliar, the broad generalisation and the rarefied detail, the well-known historical character and the ordinary Dubliner.

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