Children's Authors

  • Patrice Aggs

    Aggs, Patrice

    Patrice Aggs was born and brought up in the United States, but now lives in West Sussex, England. She has illustrated over thirty-five picture books for children. In the early 1980s she was part of the team which produced the animated film The Snowman.

    Patrice is currently writing picture books, illustrating and printmaking.   (more)

    • Strawberry Squirt
    • Ducks in Trouble
  • Sheila Agnew

    Agnew, Sheila

    Sheila Agnew was born in New York and grew up in Dublin with her sister and two brothers. They liked to pretend to be the children in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

    Although Sheila couldn’t quite make it to Narnia, she set out to experience what she could of this world.   (more)

    • Central Park Showdown
    • Marooned in Manhattan
  • James Allison

    Allison, James

    James Allison is from London and is a professional writer. Demon From the Deep End is his first book for children.

    • Demon from the Deep End
  • Mary Arrigan

    Arrigan, Mary

    Mary Arrigan is an award-winning writer of fiction for children and teenagers. She has been shortlisted for the Readers Association Award, the Bisto Award and the White Raven Award.

    • Milo and One Dead Angry Druid
    • Milo and The Raging Chieftains
    • Milo and the Pirate Sisters
  • Mairéad Ashe FitzGerald

    Ashe FitzGerald, Mairéad

    Mairéad Ashe FitzGerald grew up in County Clare. She is a graduate of NUI Galway and University College Dublin where she studied Archaeology. Mairéad taught Irish and History before working in publishing for many years. Being invited by OBP to write books allows her to indulge her passion for research into Ireland's history, archaeology and literature.

    • Exploring the World of Colmcille
    • The Supermarket Ghost
    • Sailor Bear
    • Celtic Tales of Enchantment
  • Philip Barrett

    Barrett, Philip

    Philip Barrett is an illustrator, designer and comic artist originally from Co. Donegal and currently living in Dublin. He has been self-publishing comics since 2001, including writing and drawing 9 issues of his catch-all title 'Matter' and contributing to numerous anthologies. In 2010 the Verbal Arts Centre in Derry published Philip's 'best-of' collection 'The Human in Me'.   (more)

    • Where's Larry This Time?
    • Where's Larry? The Colouring Book
    • Where's Larry?
  • Bermingham, Ann

    Ann Bermingham has worked in many different areas throughout her career, but this is the first time that she has added writer to that list. She has previously worked as a teacher, a journalist and a librarian. She now works as a counsellor in a women’s refuge in Coolock, County Dublin. She is married with four children.
    • Trouble for Tuffy
    • The Big Fight
    • Jimeen
  • Gary Blackwood

    Blackwood, Gary

    Gary Blackwood has written novels for young readers including Wild Timothy, Beyond the Door and The Dying Sun. His involvement in the theatre, both as a playwright and as an amateur actor, goes back a long way ... though not quite to Shakespeare's day. Gary lives with his wife and two children on an acre of land surrounded by cow pastures outside Carthage, Missouri.
    • The Shakespeare Stealer
    • Shakespeare's Scribe
    • Tina and the Tooth Fairy
  • Gerry Boland

    Boland, Gerry

    Born in Dublin, Gerry Boland is a writer, teacher and committed environmentalist.

    • Marco: Master of Disguise
    • Marco Moves In
    • Marco: Moonwalker
    • Thar an Trasnán
  • Sarah Bowie

    Bowie, Sarah

    Sarah Bowie is an illustrator, author and cartoonist who lives in Dublin. She is a founder member of The Comics Lab and her work has been published in a range of books, comics and magazines. Sarah Bowie's first picture book, Let's See Ireland, was published in Spring 2016.

    • We're Going to the Zoo!
    • Let's See Ireland!
  • Brianóg Brady Dawson

    Brady Dawson, Brianóg

    Brianóg Brady Dawson is a primary school teacher from County Sligo. She now lives in Dublin with her husband and two children.

    Her first book, Granny's Teeth, became a No.1 Bestseller, and was now followed by seven more stories about the mischievous Danny who always ends up in trouble, even when he's trying to be good! 

    • Danny Brown and the Talking Teeth
    • Danny Brown and the Monster Toothbrush
    • Danny Brown and the Big Surprise
  • Brandt, Beate

    Beate Brandt has a translation degree from the University of Saarbrücken. She moved to Ireland in 1994, where she set up a localisation company with her partner in 2002. She lives and works in Ireland and Germany.

    • Die Beliebtesten Irischen Sagen
  • Marian Broderick

    Broderick, Marian

    Marian Broderick is a writer and editor who lives and works in London. She is second-generation Irish; her parents are from Limerick and Donegal. She spent every summer of her childhood in Ireland and has developed strong links with the place and the people. Wild Irish Women: Extraordinary Lives from History proved hugely popular and Marian furthered her research to bring the reader more wild Irish women in this volume.


    • The Witch Apprentice
    • The Witch in the Woods
    • A Witch in a Fix
  • Juanita Browne

    Browne, Juanita

    Juanita Browne, a Zoology graduate with an MA in Media Studies, has almost 20 years’ experience across television, radio, magazines, books, and newspapers. She works on natural history documentaries for television, including the multi-award-winning ‘Secret Life of the Shannon’ and ‘On a River in Ireland’, ‘Wild Cities’ and ‘Wild Ireland’.   (more)

    • The Great Big Book of Irish Wildlife
    • Hide and Speak Irish
    • The Adventures of Shamrock Sean
  • Marie Burlington

    Burlington, Marie

    MARIE BURLINGTON illustrated Trouble for Tuffy in the O'Brien FLYERS series. Helpful Hannah was the first book she both wrote and illustrated herself. Marie is also the author and illustrator of Dear Me!
    • Trouble for Tuffy
    • The Little Witch Who Can't Spell
    • Helpful Hannah
    • My First Book of GAA
  • Bob Byrne

    Byrne, Bob

    Bob Byrne is a comic book artist and designer who lives in Dublin. His comics have appeared in dozens of publications throughout the world.

    Robots Don't Cry! is his first book for children.

    • Robots Don't Cry!
  • Emma Byrne

    Byrne, Emma

    Emma Byrne is a graphic designer and artist. She is a graduate of Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. She has won numerous awards for her design including The IDI (Irish Design Institute) Graduate Designer of the Year, the IDI Promotional Literature Award for her work on Brown Morning, and a Children’s Books Ireland Bisto Merit Award for her work on Something Beginning With P: New Poems from Irish Poets.   (more)

    • Spirit of the Titanic
    • The Most Beautiful Letter in the World
    • Moncaí Dána
    • The Lost Fairy
    • The Witch in the Woods
    • The Witch Apprentice
    • It's Great Being Little
  • Anna Carey

    Carey, Anna

    ANNA CAREY is a journalist and author from Dublin who has written for the Irish Times, Irish Independent and many other publications. Anna’s first book, The Real Rebecca, was published in 2011, and went on to win the Senior Children’s Book prize at the Irish Book Awards. Rebecca returned in the critically acclaimed Rebecca’s Rules, Rebecca Rocks and Rebecca is Always Right.   (more)

    • Rebecca Rocks
    • The Making of Mollie
    • Rebecca is Always Right
  • Carroll, Mary

    Mary Carroll and Katie Long run PINE FOREST ARTS -- a famous name in children's art for the past 30 years. Creativity, innovation, fun and a wide range of skill and experiences are available to children everywhere through the arts centre and the exciting new Pine Forest Arts books.
    • Art & Craft Adventures 1
    • Art & Craft Adventures 2
    • Art and Craft Explorer 2
  • Michael Carroll

    Carroll, Michael

    Michael Carroll is an internationally-successful fantasy and science-fiction writer. His books include The New Heroes series (titled The Quantum Prophesy in America) and he has written for many publications including the zenith of the career for a european comics fan -- writing Judge Dredd stories for 2000AD!
    • Moonlight
  • Cartoon Saloon

    Cartoon Saloon,

    Cartoon Saloon is a Kilkenny-based animation studio formed by Paul Young, Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey in 1999. They are best-known for their Academy Award-nominated feature-length animations The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, but have also done a wide range of television programmes and some lovely illustration work for O'Brien Press books.

    • The Secret of Kells
    • The Secret of Kells
    • The Story of Ireland
    • Juliet's Story
    • The Big Brother
    • Jimmy's Leprechaun Trap
  • Judith Clarke

    Clarke, Judith

    Judith Clarke was born and educated in Sydney and now lives in Melbourne with her husband and son. She has worked as a teacher, librarian and lecturer, and has also published novels for younger readers and short stories and poetry in magazines.

    Her three Al Capsella novels and her collection of stories The Boy on the Lake were first published in Australia with great success, and later in America.   (more)

    • Al Capsella and the Watchdogs
    • Friend of my Heart
  • Eoin Colfer

    Colfer, Eoin

    EOIN COLFER is the one of the world's favourite children's authors, and has written the international bestselling Artemis Fowl books. A former schoolteacher, Eoin lives in Wexford with his wife Jackie and sons Finn and Seán. He has worked in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy, as well as in Ireland.   (more)

    • Going Potty
    • Ed's Funny Feet
    • Ed's Bed
  • Nicola Colton

    Colton, Nicola

    Nicola Colton is an illustrator based in Dublin. Her style is playful and colourful and very much influenced by folktales/folk art, scenes in nature and children’s picture books.

    Her website is

    • Don't Ask Alice
    • Alice in the Middle
    • A Dublin Fairytale
    • Hide and Speak Irish
  • Marita Conlon-McKenna

    Conlon-McKenna, Marita

    Born in Dublin in 1956 and brought up in Goatstown, Marita went to school at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Mount Anville, later working in the family business, the bank, and a travel agency. She has four children with her husband James, and they live in the Stillorgan area of Dublin.

    Marita was always fascinated by the Famine period in Irish history and read everything available on the subject.   (more)

    • Under the Hawthorn Tree
    • Under the Hawthorn Tree
    • Wildflower Girl
  • Connor, Michael

    Michael Connor is a school teacher who lives in Limerick.

    • Danny's Sick Trick
    • Danny and Baby Do It All
    • Conor's Cowboy Suit
  • Don Conroy

    Conroy, Don

    JIM WILSON is a leading figure in wildlife conservation in Ireland. He has been an enthusiastic birdwatcher for over 20 years and travels throughout the country promoting and encouraging awareness of Ireland's birdlife. Jim lives in Cobh and works in Cork city.

    DON CONROY, well-known as an artist and TV personality is also a wildlife expert and devotes much of his time to conservation work, particularly with owls.   (more)

    • The Celestial Child
    • Sky Wings
    • Sinead the Dancer
    • Sinéad ag Damhsa
    • Fireman Sinead
    • Demon from the Deep End
  • Judi Curtin

    Curtin, Judi

    Judi Curtin is the best-selling author of the ‘Alice and Megan’ series, the 'Eva' series. several other books. Judi's new series, beginning with Time After Time, is about Beth and Molly, accidental time-travelling best friends. Judi Curtin won the Irish Book Award Senior 2017 for Stand By Me.

    • You've Got A Friend
    • Time After Time
    • Stand By Me
    • Le più belle Leggende Irlandesi
  • Stephanie Dagg

    Dagg, Stephanie

    Stephanie Dagg lives in West Cork and works as an editor. She has her own website with games, chat and talk about children's books.
    • The Big Brother
    • Cáitín sa Chistin
    • Anna's Secret Granny
    • What Are Friends For?
    • Survivors
  • Patrick Deeley

    Deeley, Patrick

    Patrick Deeley is a teacher and poet. He has three books of poems to his name from Dedalus Press, with a fourth due next year. He also runs a workshop in Ballyfermot, specialising in children's poetry. Originally from Loughrea, County Galway, he has spent more than half his life teaching in Dublin.
    • My Dog Lively
    • Mo Mhadra Beoga
  • Eilis Dillon

    Dillon, Eilis

    Eilís Dillon was born in Galway in 1920. Abandoning a career as a professional cellist, she turned to writing for adults and children, quickly earning an international reputation for both.

    Eilís lived in Italy for six years in the 1960s, then divided her time between Ireland and California, until her final years which were spent in Ireland.   (more)

    • Living in Imperial Rome
  • Donovan, Anna

    Anna Donovan, a former teacher, lives in Dublin and is the author of several books for young people.
    • Glac Sos Uimhir a hAon
    • Where's Murphy?
    • Cá bhfuil Murchú?
  • Noreen Doody

    Doody, Noreen

    Dr Noreen Doody is a writer and academic who has published extensively on W.B. Yeats and Oscar Wilde. She is a senior lecturer in English Literature and the former head of the Department of English at St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, Dublin. She currently teaches on the MA programme in Children’s Literature in the School of English, Dublin City University.

    • The Moon Spun Round
  • Doolan, Catherine

    Catherine Doolan is a primary teacher in a small rural school in Co Offaly. She teaches 9-12 year olds. Catherine is married with three young children. Bad Hair Day, Panda No. 22, is her first book.
    • Drochlá Gruaige
    • Bad Hair Day
  • Malachy Doyle

    Doyle, Malachy

    Malachy Doyle grew up in Ireland, studied in England, brought up his children in Wales, and has now come back to live in Ireland again. He is the author of many popular picture books, retold folk tales and a number of novels for older readers, including the critically-acclaimed Georgie and Who is Jesse Flood?
    • Swap
  • Robert Dunbar

    Dunbar, Robert

    Robert Dunbar is a lecturer in English and children's literature, presents a weekly radio programme on children's books, and reviews children's books for Rattlebag on Radio One, The Irish Times and magazines.

    Robert recently received the Children's Books Ireland award for services to Irish children's literature.

    • Skimming
    • Enchanted Journeys
    • Diabolic Downloads
    • Wolfgran Returns
    • My Dog Lively
    • Lámhainní Glasa
    • Jimeen
  • Jennifer Farley

    Farley, Jennifer

    Jennifer Farley is an illustrator and designer. She draws pictures for children’s books, maps, apps, t-shirts, graphics for websites and promotional events. She is currently a director of Illustrators Ireland. Jennifer has a Masters degree in Design and has been teaching Photoshop, Illustrator and Design Theory for over 14 years.   (more)

    • Island of Adventures
  • Tatyana Feeney

    Feeney, Tatyana

    Tatyana Feeney grew up in North Carolina, where she spent much of her childhood reading and drawing. This developed into a love of art and particularly illustrations in children's books, so she gave up her ambition to be a fire girl and studied Art History and Illustration.

    Tatyana now lives in Trim with her husband and two children.   (more)

    • An Rún Mór
    • Cá bhfuil Murchú?
    • Socks for Mr Wolf
    • The O'Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales and Legends
  • Nita Fitzgerald

    Fitzgerald, Nita

    Nita Fitzgerald is a primary school teacher who remembers feeling really big when she could finally reach the handle on the kitchen door. Now she can open all the doors in her house in Waterford, where she lives with her husband and two children.
    • It's Great Being Little
  • Fitzpatrick, Tom

    TOM FITZPATRICK is a primary-school teacher. He is GAA Games Manager in Dublin Teacher Training Colleges and is based in St Patrick's College, Drumcondra. A Clareman, he is also secretary of Cumann na mBunscol, Áth Cliath, the organisation that promotes a love of gaelic sport and athletics among primary-school pupils.
    • All About Gaelic Football
  • Aubrey Flegg

    Flegg, Aubrey

    Aubrey Flegg was born in Dublin. His early childhood was spent in County Sligo, Ireland. He went to school in Dublin and later in England. After a spell with a mountain rescue team in Scotland, he returned to Ireland to study geology at Trinity College. He then did geological research in Kenya, before joining the Geological Survey of Ireland in 1968.   (more)

    • Fugitives!
    • Katie's War
    • The Cinnamon Tree
    • Olanna's Big Day
  • Woody Fox

    Fox, Woody

    Woody Fox has been a children’s illustrator for 30 years specialising in all things animal related and anything funny. He’s worked for most of the major publishers in Britain as well as many abroad and also had successful cards ranges and clothes designs.

    He also has been a willow sculptor for the last 12 years, again specialising in animals which are his passion: you can see his scuptures at   (more)

    • Alice in the Middle
    • Don't Ask Alice
    • Bonjour Alice
  • Brian Gallagher

    Gallagher, Brian

    BRIAN GALLAGHER was born in Dublin. He is
    a full-time writer whose plays and short stories
    have been produced in Ireland, Britain and Canada.
    He has worked extensively in radio and television,
    writing many dramas and documentaries.
    Brian is the author of four adult novels, and his
    other books of historical fiction for young readers
    are One Good Turn and Friend or Foe – both set in
    Dublin in 1916; Stormclouds, which takes place in
    Northern Ireland during the turbulent summer of
    1969; Secrets and Shadows, a spy novel that begins
    with the North Strand bombings during the Second
    World War; Taking Sides, about the Irish Civil War;
    Across the Divide, set during the 1913 Lockout,
    Arrivals, a time-slip novel set between modern and
    early-twentieth-century Ontario, and Pawns, set
    during Ireland’s War of Independence.   (more)

    • Stormclouds
    • Friend or Foe
    • Arrivals
  • Mordicai Gerstein

    Gerstein, Mordicai

    Mordicai Gerstein is the author and illustrator of more than thirty books for young readers, among them picture books, biblical retellings, alphabets, and works of fiction.

    He was awarded the 2004 Caldecott Medal for The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, called 'a tour de force' by the San Francisco Chronicle, a 'milestone' by the Boston Globe, and a 'breathtaking homage to extraordinary buildings and a remarkable man' by Kirkus Reviews.

    Mordicai Gerstein lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

    • The Old Country
  • Gilly,

    Gilly is a writer, director, designer and animator. He graduated from IADT in 2000 and started working as freelance graphic designer. He worked as lead designer and animator on the award-winning short The Carpenter and His Clumsy Wife which won a special mention at the Venice Film Festival and won the best short comedy at the LA Film Festival.   (more)

    • The Day Henry Met ... a dog
  • Debi Gliori

    Gliori, Debi

    Debi Gliori was born in Glasgow and studied at the Edinburgh College of Art. Her Mr Bear series has received many awards and she continues to add to it with new titles. Debi is a full-time writer and illustrator and lives just outside Edinburgh with her four children.
    • Mr Bear to the Rescue
    • Mr Bear's Picnic
  • Brian Gogarty

    Gogarty, Brian

    Brian Gogarty lives in Co. Derry. He has worked as the manager for a credit union. The books in the Shamrock Sean series are his first.

    • The Adventures of Shamrock Sean
    • The World is Full of Babies
  • Matt Griffin

    Griffin, Matt

    Matthew Griffin was born in Dublin and now lives in Ennis. He has garnered a reputation as one of the most eclectic graphic artists in contemporary illustration, collecting awards and accolades for his work in publishing, advertising and, in particular, the field of poster art. His passion for visual design was always married to one for writing.   (more)

    • A Cage of Roots
    • Storm Weaver
    • The Spiral Path
    • What Are Friends For?
  • Grogan, Jerry

    JERRY GROGAN comes from Caherciveen, County Kerry, and is a primary-school teacher in Donaghmede, Dublin. He is the National PRO for Cumann na mBunscol, and a frequent contributor to, and editor of, GAA publications. He is a keen amateur sports photographer.
    • All About Gaelic Football
    • Finn’s Thumb
    • The Riddle
    • Ribbit, Ribbit
  • Jim Halligan

    Halligan, Jim

    Jim Halligan is a teacher and talented author of books for children, including (with John Newman) Fowl Play, Round the Bend, Fowl Deeds (nominated for a Bisto Award) and Seeing Red. He started making up stories in school to entertain the children in his class and ‘to stop himself from going insane’.

    • Diabolic Downloads
  • Dave Hannigan

    Hannigan, Dave

    Dave Hannigan is a sports columnist with The Sunday Tribune, the Evening Echo and New York’s Irish Echo.

    He is the author of three previous books and is also an adjunct professor of history at Suffolk County Community College on Long Island.

    • Kicking On
  • Felicity Hayes-McCoy

    Hayes-McCoy, Felicity

    Felicity Hayes-McCoy has written television dramas, radio soap operas, features, documentaries, plays and screenplays, as well as books on fairytales, myths and legends.
    • The Riddle
    • Finn’s Thumb
  • Shay Healy

    Healy, Shay

    SHAY HEALY is an author, songwriter, TV producer and presenter. His RTÉ 1 pet series, Beastly Behaviour, was a big hit with audiences old and young. He also released a CD of animal songs, Havananimal Week. Shay is best known as the writer of ‘What’s Another Year’, which won the Eurovision Song Contest for Johnny Logan in 1980.
    • More Beastly Jokes
    • Beastly Jokes
    • Animals Don't Have Ghosts
  • Anne Marie Herron

    Herron, Anne Marie

    Anne Marie Herron is the principal of a large primary school. She presents a weekly radio review programme on children's books.
    • Sailí na Spotaí
    • Ribbit, Ribbit
    • Spotty Sally
  • Kim Hood

    Hood, Kim

    KIM HOOD grew up in British Columbia, Canada. After earning degrees in psychology, history and education, she wandered through a few countries before making the west coast of Ireland home.
    Her eclectic work experience in education, therapy and community services has presented endless opportunity to observe a world of interesting characters.   (more)

    • Plain Jane
    • Finding A Voice
  • Bridget Hourican

    Hourican, Bridget

    Bridget is of mixed Irish-Palestinian heritage, born in Belfast, grew up in Brussels, spent a few years living in Budapest, and is now based in Dublin. As a journalist she has contributed to Time Out and The Irish Times, among other publications. Bridget also has a big interest in travel and history, and has worked on some major projects including the Atlas of Irish History and the Dictionary of Irish Bibliography.
    • The Bad Karma Diaries
  • Gerry Hunt

    Hunt, Gerry

    Gerry Hunt worked for twenty-five years as an architect, eighteen of them with the IDA. In 1986 he left architecture and began drawing political cartoons. From this, he moved on to drawing entire comics ... his first, self-produced, comic was a rhyming, Spanish-language work that he gave away to friends.   (more)

    • Blood Upon the Rose
    • Ice Dreams
    • Best-Loved Irish Legends
    • Corazón de Irlanda, sus más bellas leyendas
    • Celtic Tales of Enchantment
    • Enchanted Journeys
  • Chris Judge

    Judge, Chris

    Chris Judge is an award winning author and illustrator from Dublin. His picture books include The Lonely Beast series, The Great Explorer and TiN. He illustrated Roddy Doyle's children's book Brilliant and collaborated with comedian David O'Doherty on the smash hit Danger is Everywhere!

    • Brian and the Giant
    • Brian and the Vikings
    • Bad Hair Day
    • Drochlá Gruaige
    • Snip Snip!
  • Kevin Kiely

    Kiely, Kevin

    Kevin Kiely has had several collections of poetry published, had plays broadcast on RTE and is engaged in literary journalism and editing. He has received Literature Bursary Awards from the Irish Arts Council, and is Honorary Fellow in Writing with the University of Iowa. This is his first book for young readers.
    • SOS Lusitania
    • A Horse Called El Dorado
  • Celine Kiernan

    Kiernan, Celine

    Celine Kiernan is an Irish author of fantasy novels for young adults. She is best known for The Moorehawke Trilogy. Her fourth book, Into the Grey, won both the CBI Book of the Year Award and the CBI Children's Choice Award in 2012. It won the 2013 Readers' Association of Ireland Award for best book.   (more)

    • Charlie Harte and his Two-Wheeled Tiger
    • The Poison Throne
    • The Crowded Shadows
  • Kingston, Mary

    Mary Kingston is a presenter with RTE's Den TV and for the last five years she has been sharing her Fantastic Far-Flung Facts For Fun with us on Sunday's 'Disney Club'. In this time, she has travelled to over 55 countries from Bangledesh to Madagascar and Cambodia.
    • Fantastic Far-Flung Facts for Fun
  • Dan Kissane

    Kissane, Dan

    Dan Kissane lives on a farm in Kerry where he keeps sheep and bees. His book Pugnax and the Princess was published in October 2001. This was originally published in 1995 as The King of Wisdom’s Daughter, followed by a sequel, The Eagle Tree (1996) which was shortlisted for the BISTO Book of the Year Award 1997.   (more)

    • Jimmy's Leprechaun Trap
  • Conor Kostick

    Kostick, Conor

    Conor Kostick is a writer and historian living in Dublin. As a novelist he was awarded the Farmleigh writer's residency for the summer of 2010 and a place on the nominees list for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2012 and 2013. At their 2009 awards, the Reading Association of Ireland gave him the Special Merit Award ‘in recognition of his significant contribution to writing for children in Ireland’.   (more)

    • Epic
    • Saga
    • Edda
  • Tarsila Krüse

    Krüse, Tarsila

    Tarsila Krüse is a Brazilian-born children’s book illustrator. Her début picture book Ná Gabh ar Scoil! (Futa Fata) was shortlisted for The CBI Book of The Year Awards 2016 and her second book, Bliain na nAmhrán (Futa Fata) is the winner of the CBI Judges' Special Merit Award 2017.   (more)

    • My Little Album of Dublin
    • Vinnie Goes to Vegas
    • Brendan and the Blarney Stone
  • Una Leavy

    Leavy, Una

    Una Leavy has written many books for children. She works as a primary school teacher in County Mayo.

    Una Leavy was born in Charlestown, Co. Mayo. She has been writing since early childhood. A primary school teacher by profession, she is married to Lorcán and they have six children. Her writing includes poetry, articles and short stories which have been published in various magazines and periodicals.   (more)

    • Glac Sos Uimhir a hAon
    • Magical Celtic Tales
    • The O'Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales and Legends
  • Deborah Lisson

    Lisson, Deborah

    Deborah Lisson is a well-known author of young adult fiction, living in Banbury, Australia. Her passion for the story of Red Hugh led her to research this book in Ireland. Her novel The Devil's Own won the Western Australia Premier's Award for Children’s Fiction and was shortlisted for the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award in 1991; her book, A Place of Safety, won the Western Australia Premier's Award for Children's Literature in 1997.

    Deborah's latest book, Truth Seeker, was published by O'Brien Press in October 2001.

    • Truth Seeker
    • Red Hugh
    • Boom Chicka Boom
    • Gulliver in Lilliput
  • Morgan Llywelyn

    Llywelyn, Morgan

    Historian and novelist Morgan Llywelyn was born in New York City, but after the death of her husband and parents in 1985 returned to Ireland to take up citizenship in the land of her grandparents and make her permanent home there.

    After making the shortlist for the United States Olympic Team in Dressage in 1975, but not making the team itself, she turned to writing historical novels exploring her Celtic roots.   (more)

    • The Young Rebels
    • Granuaile: Pirate Queen
    • Cave of Secrets
    • Art & Craft Adventures 1
    • Art and Craft Explorer 2
    • Art & Craft Adventures 2
  • Ruth Frances Long

    Long, Ruth Frances

    RUTH FRANCES LONG is a lifelong fan of fantasy and romance. She studied English Literature, History of Religions, and Celtic Civilisation in college and now works in a specialised library of rare and unusual books. But they don’t talk to her that often.

    • A Crack in Everything
    • A Hollow in the Hills
    • A Darkness at the End
    • Corazón de Irlanda, sus más bellas leyendas
  • PJ Lynch

    Lynch, PJ

    P. J. Lynch is the current Laureate na nÓg, Ireland’s Children’s Laureate. He has worked as a book illustrator since the 1980s. Millions of his books have been sold around the world and he has won many awards. His next book will be “Patrick and the President” written by Ryan Tubridy. In recent years PJ has designed posters for Opera Ireland and the Abbey Theatre as well as several sets of stamps for An Post.   (more)

    • Under the Hawthorn Tree
    • Wildflower Girl
    • Fields of Home
  • Fergus Lyons

    Lyons, Fergus

    Fergus Lyons is an artist and lives in the hills of County Sligo. He exhibits his work frequently.

    • Amy's Wonderful Nest
    • Muckeen and the Big Freeze
    • Shoestring Soup
  • Natasha Mac a'Bháird

    Mac a'Bháird, Natasha

    Natasha Mac a’Bháird is a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of the bestselling wedding planning guide, The Irish Bride’s Survival Guide. Her first two children’s books, Missing Ellen and Olanna’s Big Day, were both chosen for the White Ravens Collection.   (more)

    • Hannah in the Spotlight
    • Starring Meg
    • Missing Ellen
  • Liam Mac Uistin

    Mac Uistin, Liam

    Liam Mac Uistin was a well-known author and playwright. His versions of ancient Irish stories and legends have been published in the Irish language by An Gúm. His plays for stage, television and radio have been produced in many European countries and in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. His television play The Glory and the Dream won the Radio Telefís Éireann award.   (more)

    • Celtic Magic Tales
    • The Táin
    • Celtic Tales of Enchantment
  • Shona Shirley Macdonald

    Macdonald, Shona Shirley

    Shona Shirley Macdonald is an artist based in Co. Waterford, though she is originally from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. She studied Visual Communication at Edinburgh College of Art, specialising in stop-motion animation, and after graduating she began her career as a freelance artist. Her illustration projects range from publications of poetry and fiction, to concept artwork for theatre and computer games.   (more)

    • The Pooka Party
    • The Moon Spun Round
    • Sinéad ag Damhsa
    • Scuab Fiacal Danny
    • Cá bhfuil Murchú?
  • Gregory Maguire

    Maguire, Gregory

    Author of the international sensation, Wicked, Gregory Maguire was born and raised in the United States. He has also lived in Dublin and London. He is a writer of fantasies, science fiction, picture books and historical novels, and he also composes music, is an artist, and loves to travel. He is a founder member of Children's Literature New England.

    • Six Haunted Hairdos
    • Four Stupid Cupids
    • Missing Sisters
    • Where's Larry This Time?
    • The World is Full of Babies
  • Creina Mansfield

    Mansfield, Creina

    Creina Mansfield was born in Bristol in 1949. She studied literature at Cambridge and became a teacher of English at secondary school level. She lived in Dublin for a number of years and is now living in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England with her husband and two teenage sons.

    Her first book, Fairchild was published in Hong Kong.   (more)

    • My Nutty Neighbours
    • Snip Snip!
    • My Nasty Neighbours
    • Hide and Speak Irish
    • The Leprechaun's Challenge
    • Boo and Bear
    • Hal's Sleepover
  • Eithne Massey

    Massey, Eithne

    Eithne Massey has written many books for both adults and children, mainly based on the legends of Ireland. Her adaptation of the award-winning movie The Secret of Kells is set in the time of the early Viking raids; The Silver Stag of Bunratty and Where the Stones Sing are set in Norman Ireland and Blood Brother, Swan Sister at the time of the Battle of Clontarf.   (more)

    • Irish Legends: Newgrange, Tara & the Boyne Valley
    • Tomi
    • Le più belle Leggende Irlandesi
  • Sam McBratney

    McBratney, Sam

    Sam McBratney sums up his post-war childhood as short trousers, Fair Isle jumper, the 11 plus and grammar school. He taught at a secondary school himself for a while and was a primary school teacher.

    He is the author of numerous books for children and young adults, published internationally, including The Green Kids.   (more)

    • The Chieftain's Daughter
    • The Lough Neagh Monster
  • Steve McCarthy

    McCarthy, Steve

    Steve McCarthy is a Dublin-born art maker and obsessive picture-builder. With a keen interest in colour and character, Steve has managed to sneak his singular style into many forms, from Cartoon Saloon’s Oscar-nominated feature film Song of the Sea to children’s books and projects for brands worldwide.   (more)

    • A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea
    • Sally Go Round The Stars
  • Tom McCaughren

    McCaughren, Tom

    Tom McCaughren has written fifteen books for children and young adults. His award winning 'Run with the Wind' series has been translated into twenty languages including German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, French, Dutch, Danish and Latvian.

    • Run for the Hills
    • Run with the Wind
  • Vincent McDonnell

    McDonnell, Vincent

    Vincent McDonnell is an award-winning author of books for adults and young readers. Born in County Mayo, he worked in England for a number of years. He now lives in County Cork with his wife and son.

    He has previously written two adult novels and four novels for children. The Broken Commandment, his first novel for adults, was published after a recommendation by Graham Greene and won the GPA First Fiction Award in 1989.   (more)

    • Chill Factor
  • Erika McGann

    McGann, Erika

    Erika McGann was the winner of the Waverton Good Read Children's Prize 2014 for The Demon Notebook, the first in her magical series about Grace and her four friends. The first three books in the Cass and the Bubble Street Gang series received raving reviews! 

    • Diary Detectives
    • The Clubhouse Mystery
    • Making Millions
  • McGann, Kunak

    Kunak McGann grew up in Drogheda back in the days when electronic tablets were unheard of (she can still remember the excitement when the family got a ZX Spectrum – Luna Crabs, anyone?) and playing out on the street was the most fun kids could imagine. Eventually, she had to grow up and get a proper job.   (more)

    • Red Rover, Red Rover!
  • Oisín McGann

    McGann, Oisín

    Oisín McGann studied art at Ballyfermot Senior College and Dún Laoghaire School of Art and Design, and went on to work in illustration, design and film animation. He moved to London in 1998, where he eventually found work as an art director and copy writer for an advertising agency. He now lives in Meath and works as an author, freelance illustrator and artist.   (more)

    • Mad Grandad and the Wicked Pictures
    • Mad Grandad and the Mutant River
    • Mad Grandad and the Kleptoes
  • Áine McGuinness

    McGuinness, Áine

    Áine Mc Guinness is from a small village on the East coast of Ireland. An early love for art led her to study animation at the National Film School of Ireland where she graduated with a degree in 2007. She worked as an animator until 2010 before starting her career as an illustrator. Her work is often inspired by childhood memories and nature and mainly combines digital and watercolour painting.   (more)

    • Marco: Master of Disguise
    • Marco: Moonwalker
    • Marco Moves In
  • Conor McHale

    McHale, Conor

    Conor McHale was born in Dublin in 1969. Shortly before leaving school, he decided he would become an archaeologist. This decision caused his father to roar with laughter. It took him over ten years working in Irish archaeology to realise what the joke was. He lives in Dublin with his wife, Susannah, and their son, Oscar.   (more)

    • Ancient Ireland Colouring Book
    • Jigsaw Stew
    • Don't Open that Box
    • Barry's New Bed
  • Anna McQuinn

    McQuinn, Anna

    Anna McQuinn was born and grew up in County Kerry. She lived in the small town of Castleisland in the heart of Kerry Dairy country and is old enough to remember the old Fair days there - her maternal grandfather used to be a cattle drover and his small restaurant attracted many old friends from up and down the country.   (more)

    • A Rosette for Maeve?
    • Colm's Lambs
  • Roisin Meaney

    Meaney, Roisin

    Born in Kerry, with parents from Clare, Roisin Meaney is currently a primary teacher living in Limerick. She is a published author of adult fiction: The Daisy Picker (Tivoli, 2004) and Putting Out the Stars (Tivoli, 2005). Her short story Three Letters was published in Moments (Cle, 2005).
    • See If I Care
    • Don't Even Think About It
  • Jan Michael

    Michael, Jan

    Born in the Yorkshire Dales, Jan Michael spent an idyllic childhood there and in the Seychelles, also living in Lesotho and Pakistan. Since university, she has worked as an editor and literary agent in London, Amsterdam and Yorkshire. She has written thirteen books which have been published in several languages, including the children’s novels Hill of Darkness, The Rock Boy (also performed as children’s opera in Germany), Just Joshua (winner: Dutch Vlag en Wimpel prize), Leaving Home (winner: Dutch Silver Slate Pencil and the Jenny Smelik-IBBY Prize) and Moorside Boy.

    • The Rock Boy
    • Just Joshua
  • Moller, Linda

    Linda Moller is a member of Friends of the Earth, and has spent time as a hill farmer in Wales. She believes that a greener and better world is a realistic goal, and would enhance the lives of both humans and animals. She has written for the Observer and the Guardian. Her film, To Be a Horse, was shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival.
    • The Great Pig Escape
    • The Chieftain's Daughter
    • The Secret of Kells
  • Morgan, Paul

    Paul & Sally Morgan live in Western Australia. Paul completed a Teacher's Certificate in 1970 and an Associateship in Art Teaching in 1980. Sally has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Australia and has post-graduate diplomas in Counselling Psychology and Computing and Library Studies.   (more)

    • Little Piggies
    • Anna's Secret Granny
  • Frank Murphy

    Murphy, Frank

    Frank Murphy is a retired school principal, living in Cork. His teaching career, which began in Dublin, took him also to north Wexford, and eventually to Cork city.

    He has written stories, non-fiction pieces and poetry in Irish and English. Most of his work has appeared in school books in Ireland and the UK, with some stories also included in anthologies of children's fiction on both sides of the Atlantic.

    • Gulliver in Lilliput
    • The Big Fight
    • Charlie Harte and his Two-Wheeled Tiger
  • Judy May Murphy

    Murphy, Judy May

    Judymay Murphy (who writes as Judy May for teens) is an International Success Coach, Speaker and Author who coaches thousands of people around the world on how to make their dreams come true. Her series of books for teenage girls are witty, diary-style adventure stories with age-appropriate romances all based on solid coaching practices.   (more)

    • Diamond Star Girl
    • Hazel Wood Girl
    • Blue Lavender Girl
  • Navratil, Elisabeth

    Elisabeth Navratil's grandfather, Michel Navratil, and her father and uncle, were aboard the Titanic on the night the world's unsinkable ship sank. The story of the tragedy is now very much a part of Elisabeth's own life story. She has realised her dreams of a career in music by becoming an opera director.   (more)

    • Survivors
    • Celtic Magic Tales
    • Hide and Speak Irish
  • Dairine Ní Dhonnchú

    Ní Dhonnchú, Dairine

    Is aisteoir agus múinteoir bunscoile í Dairíne. Tá sí ag obair le Ros na Rún faoi láthair.

    Dairíne Ní Dhonnchú is an actor and a primary school teacher. She also works on the Irish language soap opera Ros na Rún.

    • An Dochtúir Dan
    • Páidí Péintéir
  • Aine Ní Ghlinn

    Ní Ghlinn, Aine

    Scríbhneoir agus léachtóir í Áine Ní Ghlinn. Tá trí chnuasach filíochta foilsithe aici. Bíonn sí ag scríobh freisin don dráma teilifíse Ros na Rún ar TG4.

    Áine Ní Ghlinn is a writer and lecturer. She has published three volumes of poetry. She also writes for the television drama series Ros na Rún on TG4.

    • Thar an Trasnán
    • Daifní Dineasár
    • Moncaí Dána
    • My Ireland Counting Book
    • Jimeen
  • Caitríona Ní Mhurchú

    Ní Mhurchú, Caitríona

    Is aisteoir í Caitríona agus seo an tarna leabhar atá scríofa aici. Ainmníodh a céad leabhar, Ó Lúibín Lú, do duais Glen Dimplex.

    Caitríona Ní Mhurchí is an actor and this is her second book. Her first, Ó Lúibín Lú, was shortlisted for the Glen Dimplex award.


    • An Rún Mór
    • Faoin Sceach Gheal
  • Alan Nolan

    Nolan, Alan

    Alan Nolan lives and works in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. He has written and illustrated many books and comics for children and grown-ups, including Fintan’s Fifteen, Conor's Caveman and the Murder Can Be Fatal series.

    • Danny Brown and his Daft Dog
    • Six Million Ways to Die
    • Taibhse
  • Novak, Matt

    Matt Novak lives in Clermont, Florida with his wife.
    • Mouse TV
    • Jimeen
  • Brendan O'Brien

    O'Brien, Brendan

    Brendan O’Brien reported on Northern Ireland as RTÉ’s senior current affairs reporter beginning in 1974, and he made three major documentaries about the IRA. He won many awards for investigative journalism, including European Journalist of the Year 1998 and the Amnesty International Award 2001.   (more)

    • The Story of Ireland
    • Exploring the Book of Kells
    • My Book of Kells Colouring Book
  • Joe O'Brien

    O'Brien, Joe

    Joe O'Brien lives in Ballyfermot in Dublin with his wife and children. He is the author of nine books featuring Alfie Green, a boy who can talk to plants. For older readers he has written three books about Danny Wilde and his Littlestown Crokes GAA team, Legends' Lair (about Charlie Stubbs and his dreams of becoming a soccer player) and one fantasy novel, Beyond the Cherry Tree.   (more)

    • Alfie Green and the Magical Gift
    • Alfie Green and a Sink Full of Frogs
    • Alfie Green and the Bee-Bottle Gang
  • Fergal O'Connor

    O'Connor, Fergal

    Fergal O' Connor is an artist and illustrator from Co. Kerry. His work is set within an imaginative, fantastical, and often dark universe inhabited by strange characters and creatures, a sombre world where the amazing and the beautiful lives side by side with the bleak and tragic. He currently works from his home in Kerry where he creates artwork for exhibitions as well as illustrating for books and other publications.

    • Magical Celtic Tales
  • Finbar O'Connor

    O'Connor, Finbar

    Finbar O'Connor is the author of Wolfgran, in the O’Brien Red Flag Series for readers age 8+. He grew up in Finglas, Dublin and went to Trinity College Dublin, where he studied French and English, after which he went to work as a librarian for Dublin City Libraries. He is married and has two daughters, Esmé and Freya.   (more)

    • Wolfgran Returns
    • Wolfgran
    • The Crowded Shadows
    • The Poison Throne
  • Owen O'Doherty

    O'Doherty, Owen

    Dublin-based architect Owen O’Doherty wrote Bright Sparks in response to a question from his daughter, Anna, who had never heard of anything invented by a woman. This book was a present to Anna on her seventh birthday.

    • Bright Sparks
    • An Dochtúir Dan
    • Páidí Péintéir
    • Emma the Penguin
  • Sean O'Leary

    O'Leary, Sean

    Sean C O'Leary is deputy principal and special class teacher at Scoil Mhuire primary school, Shankill, County Dublin, and for many years was assistant of Blackrock Teachers' Centre. He has given courses to teachers in art and craft work.
    • Busy Fingers 2 - Summer
    • Busy Fingers 3 - Autumn
    • Busy Fingers 4 - Winter
  • Catherine O'Neil

    O'Neil, Catherine

    Catherine O'Neil is a retired school teacher living in upstate New York. She was a teacher for thirty-six years, during which time she discovered her love of children's books. She also holds a master's degree in art and is a skilled graphic artist and illustrator.
    • The Leprechaun's Challenge
    • The Leprechaun's Riddle
  • Karl O'Neill

    O'Neill, Karl

    KARL O’NEILL was born in Armagh, and now lives in Dublin. He is a theatre, radio, and television actor, currently portraying Tim Carney in RTÉ's popular soap 'Fair City'. This Christmas Karl will play the eponymous Wizard of Oz at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. This is to be the last ever production in that historic venue before it is demolished.   (more)

    • The Most Beautiful Letter in the World
  • Lauren O'Neill

    O'Neill, Lauren

    Lauren O'Neill is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Dublin. Originally from Wexford, she moved to Dublin to study Vis Comm in NCAD and now thinks of the city as home. Since graduating in 2006 she has worked mainly as a designer in branding and advertising but has recently begun to focus on illustration full time.   (more)

    • Blazing a Trail
    • Gulliver
  • O’Donovan, Marita

    In a life of many incarnations, Marita has been a child, scholar, student, teacher, civil servant, mother, and animal enthusiast.  She has an abiding interest in Ireland’s history, culture and folklore, is an inveterate scribbler, and likes to read late into the night.


    • Vinnie Goes to Vegas
    • Brendan and the Blarney Stone
  • Siobhán Parkinson

    Parkinson, Siobhán

    Having grown up in Galway and Donegal, Siobhán Parkinson has lived most of her adult life in her native Dublin. She studied English literature and German at Trinity, and went on to take her doctorate in English literature. She has worked for many years as an editor, a profession that very closely resembles that of writing.   (more)

    • Animals Don't Have Ghosts
    • The Leprechaun Who Wished He Wasn't
    • Amelia
  • Gillian Perdue

    Perdue, Gillian

    Gillian Perdue is a children's writer and dancing teacher. She previously worked as a primary school teacher for over fifteen years, and has always had a deep love for children's books. Gillian acted as chairperson of the Bisto Book Awards 1999-2000, and she has written resource materials for the use of real books in the classroom.   (more)

    • Conor's Cowboy Suit
    • Conor's Concert
    • Conor's Canvas
  • Nicola Pierce

    Pierce, Nicola

    Tallaght-born Nicola Pierce is a writer, living in Drogheda.

    • City of Fate
    • Behind the Walls
    • Kings of the Boyne
    • Les Plus Belles Légendes Irlandaises
  • Maureen Potter

    Potter, Maureen

    MAUREEN POTTER, one of Ireland’s best-loved stars, and known to many as the Queen of Comedy, died in April 2004, aged 79. She had a lifelong relationship with the Gaiety Theatre, beginning in 1939, and she is best remembered for her comedy in numerous pantomimes, variety shows and the hugely popular summer revue, Gaels of Laughter.

    • Tommy the Theatre Cat
  • P.R. Prendergast

    Prendergast, P.R.

    P.R. Prendergast lives in Dublin, where he has worked as a school teacher for twenty-five years. In 2009 his first children’s book The Romanian Builder was published by The O’Brien Press. Dancing in the Dark, published by The O'Brien Press in 2010, was nominated for the 2011 Bisto Children's Book of the Year Award and was awarded the White Raven Label by the International Youth Library at Bologna Book Fair 2011.   (more)

    • Dancing in the Dark
    • The Romanian Builder
    • Milo and One Dead Angry Druid
  • Claire Ranson

    Ranson, Claire

    Claire Ranson was born in England where she completed a degree in English Literature and a Master's in Children's Literature. She has worked with Poetry Ireland and Children's Books Ireland. She now lives in Dublin with her husband and two children.
    • Sally Go Round The Stars
  • Jane Ray

    Ray, Jane

    Jane Ray's distinctive style has established her as a highly successful artist both for her paintings and her wrapping paper and cards. Increasingly well-known too as an illustrator, her picture books have attracted enormous attention around the world.
    • The Twelve Dancing Princesses
    • Noah's Ark
    • The Story of Creation
    • Making Millions
    • Diary Detectives
    • The Clubhouse Mystery
  • Reynolds, Barry

    Dubliner Barry Reynolds is a character designer/concept/visual development artist and illustrator who has worked on the Oscar-nominated, animated movie The Secret of Kells, on Aardman and Sony Pictures Animation’s Arthur Christmas, and on Irish language graphic novels, An Táin and Deirdre agus Mic Uisnigh, where his artwork helped these Irish legends to a new readership.   (more)

    • The Great Big Book of Irish Wildlife
    • Adam's Starling
    • Oscar Wilde - Stories for Children
    • My Book of Kells Colouring Book
    • Brendan the Navigator
    • Exploring the Book of Kells
  • Rosenstock, Gabriel

    File, fear haiku, úrscéalaí, drámadóir, gearrscéalaí, údar-aistritheoir breis is 160 leabhar, an chuid is mó acu sa Ghaeilge. I measc na ngradam a bronnadh air tá an bonn Tamgha-i-Khidmat ó Rialtas na Pacastáine. Is ball d’Aosdána é.

    • Zombaí
    • Taibhse
  • James Roy

    Roy, James

    James Roy has worked for many years as a paediatric and emergency nurse in various hospitals. In addition to his work with young people in the health setting, he has written several award-winning books for children and teenagers.
    • The 'S' Word
  • Eoin Ryan

    Ryan, Eoin

    Eoin is a graduate of the National College of Art and Design with a BA in Visual Communications. He has worked in the Film and Television industry as a writer, designer and animator for clients that include Porsche, Unilever and RyanAir. Eoin's animated film DEMON won best short animation at the 2006 Galway Film Fleadh.   (more)

    • My Ireland Counting Book
  • Saumande, Juliette

    Juliette Saumande is officially obsessed with children’s books: she reads them, writes them, translates them, reviews them, recommends them and has been known to talk about them in her sleep. She is a French writer and translator of children’s books living in Dublin. 

    • My Little Album of Dublin
  • Michael Scott

    Scott, Michael

    Michael Scott is an internationally-published and award-winning author of numerous books for children, teens and adults.

    Born and brought up in Dublin, Michael has spent all his life with books. He worked in various bookshops and was an antiquarian bookseller before turning to writing. His first book appeared in 1981, and he has had up to sixty books published since then.   (more)

    • October Moon
    • Wolf Moon
    • Gemini Game
  • John Sexton

    Sexton, John

    John W. Sexton has had fiction and poetry published in most leading Irish literary journals and was nominated for the Hennessy Literary Award. He also reviews for newspapers. He is the scriptwriter for RTE Radio One's popular weekly children's series, The Ivory Tower, which ran for over one hundred episodes.   (more)

    • Johnny Coffin School-Dazed
  • Elizabeth Shaw

    Shaw, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Shaw was born in Belfast and lived most of her life in Berlin, where she moved after the Second World War. Well-known as an artist, she wrote and illustrated 23 books for children, many of which have been translated into several languages.

    Her website (currently in German) is

    • An tUan Beag Dubh
    • The Little Black Sheep
    • The Little Black Sheep
    • Run for the Hills
    • Run with the Wind
  • Gerard Siggins

    Siggins, Gerard

    Gerard Siggins was born in Dublin in 1962. Initially a sports journalist, he worked for many years in the Sunday Tribune, where he became assistant editor. He has written several books about cricket and rugby. His Rugby Spirit series has sold over 50,000 copies and is hugely popular with sports-loving children around the world.   (more)

    • Atlantis United
    • Rugby Spirit
    • Rugby Warrior
  • George Otto Simms

    Simms, George Otto

    George Otto Simms was born in Dublin in 1910. He took his BA, MA, BD, PhD, and DD degrees at Trinity College, Dublin. Ordained a priest of the Church of Ireland in 1936, he spent his working life in the service of the church and was Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland from 1969 until his retirement in 1980.   (more)

    • Exploring the Book of Kells
    • Brendan the Navigator
  • Peter Sirr

    Sirr, Peter

    Peter Sirr lives in Dublin. He is a prize-winning poet as well a critic, essayist  and translator. For many years he was Director of the Irish Writers’ Centre and was also editor of the national poetry magazine, Poetry Ireland Review. He has published eight collection of poetry with The Gallery Press, including The Thing Is (2009), winner of The Michael Hartnett Award, and Selected Poems (2004).   (more)

    • Black Wreath
  • Gordon Snell

    Snell, Gordon

    Gordon Snell has written many books for children as well as comedy for adults. He lives in Dublin with his wife, best-selling author, Maeve Binchy.
    • Amy's Wonderful Nest
    • Tina and the Tooth Fairy
    • The Supermarket Ghost
  • Ian Somers

    Somers, Ian

    Ian Somers lives in Dublin and works as a graphic designer.

    • The Secret Gift
    • Million Dollar Gift
    • The Hidden Gift
  • Maddie Stewart

    Stewart, Maddie

    MADDIE STEWART lives in Northern Ireland and is also the author of Peg and Clever Daddy.
    • Hal's Sleepover
    • The Romanian Builder
  • Strelkoff, Tatiana

    Tatiana Strelkoff is of Russian/American origin and now lives in Rome. This is her first contemporary novel for young adults.
    • Allison
    • A Garden for Tom
    • Bróga Thomáis
    • No Shoes for Tom
  • Swift, Jonathan

    Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), was the author of Gulliver's Travels, one of the world's greatest satirical fantasies. He was Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin from 1713-1745.

    • Gulliver
  • Margaret Tarrant

    Tarrant, Margaret

    Margaret Tarrant was a prolific English illustrator that created posters, greeting cards, calendars, postcards and books for fifty years. She was most popular during the 1920’s and 1930’s for her romantic depiction of children, fairies and animals. She died on 28 July 1959.
    • Nursery Rhymes
  • Marilyn Taylor

    Taylor, Marilyn

    Marilyn Taylor was born and educated in England, and has an economics degree from London University. She was a school librarian in a Dublin secondary school for 16 years and a college librarian.

    Her first novels for young adults were the Jackie and Kev trilogy, Could This Be Love, I Wondered? (1994),  Could I Love a Stranger? and Call Yourself a Friend?.   (more)

    • 17 Martin Street
    • Faraway Home
    • The Lough Neagh Monster
    • The Blue Horse
    • The Leprechaun Who Wished He Wasn't
    • Alfie Green and the Magical Gift
    • Alfie Green and a Sink Full of Frogs
    • Alfie Green and the Bee-Bottle Gang
    • I Won't Go To China
    • The Dreaming Tree
  • William Trevor

    Trevor, William

    William Trevor has received world wide acclaim for his novels, short stories and plays and is the winner of many major literary awards. He was born in Mitchelstown, County Cork, in 1928, where his father was a bank manager. When he was growing up, the family lived in many different towns in Ireland.

    Trevor's Ballroom of Romance is well known from its filmed version.   (more)

    • Juliet's Story
  • Martin Waddell

    Waddell, Martin

    Martin Waddell is one of the most popular and successful authors for children. His books have been published internationally and sell worldwide. They range in age from read-aloud, full-colour picture books for the very young to books for teenage and young adult readers. He has written more than ninety books (some of them under his pseudonym, Catherine Sefton) and has won many awards.   (more)

    • Sailor Bear
  • Stephen Walsh

    Walsh, Stephen

    Stephen Walsh has a long association with leprechauns. He is the inventor of the emblematic leprechaun costume seen at many public events. He participated in a record breaking gathering of leprechauns which made the Guinness Book of Records in 2011, and he has run several marathons dressed as a leprechaun.   (more)

    • Vinnie Goes to Vegas
    • Brendan and the Blarney Stone
    • Gulliver
    • My Ireland Counting Book
    • The Secret of Kells
  • Sarah Webb

    Webb, Sarah

    Sarah Webb is the author of the Ask Amy Green and Songbird Café series for young readers. She worked for many years as a children’s bookseller and now combines writing with schools visits, reading and giving workshops at festivals, and teaching creative writing.   (more)

    • A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea
    • Blazing a Trail
    • Emma the Penguin
  • Liz Weir

    Weir, Liz

    LIZ WEIR is a professional storyteller who works with all age groups promoting the traditional art for which Ireland is world famous. A children’s librarian by training, she now travels the world telling stories to adults and children, organising workshops on storytelling, and speaking at courses for parents, teachers and librarians.   (more)

    • Here, There and Everywhere
    • Boom Chicka Boom
  • Grace Wells

    Wells, Grace

    Grace Wells is a writer and poet. Born in 1968, she grew up in central London. On leaving school, she began working in the film and television industry, ultimately becoming a freelance producer. Fuelled by her lifelong desire to write, and through a roundabout path, she came to Ireland in 1991. She now lives in Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary with her two children.   (more)

    • Ice Dreams
  • Gerard Whelan

    Whelan, Gerard

    Gerard Whelan was born in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, and has lived and worked in several European countries. After some time living in Dublin, he has returned to live in his native Wexford. He is the author of many books for children and a multiple award-winner. His first novel, The Guns of Easter, won the Eilís Dillon Memorial Award for first-time writers.   (more)

    • War Children
    • The Guns of Easter
    • A Winter of Spies
  • Maureen White

    White, Maureen

    Maureen White is a playwright, teacher at the Gaiety School of Acting and dramaturg for Rough Magic Theatre Company. This is her first novel for young adults.

    • The Butterfly Shell
  • Mark Wickham

    Wickham, Mark

    Mark Wickham is an award winning illustrator and designer from West Cork. His personal and commercial work has been published and exhibited internationally. He recently made a 100ft floating sculpture that glowed in the dark.

    • Brian and the Giant
    • Brian and the Vikings
  • Wilde, Oscar

    Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet and author of numerous short stories and one novel. Known for his biting wit, and a plentitude of aphorisms, he became one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era in London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day.   (more)

    • Oscar Wilde - Stories for Children
  • Winthrop, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Winthrop is a well-known, award-winning American author. She has written for a very wide-ranging audience, everything from picture books to adult fiction, and has more than twenty books to her credit. She also lectures on writing in schools and colleges throughout the USA. Before becoming a writer she worked as an editor in the children's department of a major publishing house.   (more)

    • The Castle in the Attic
    • The Battle for the Castle
  • Enda Wyley

    Wyley, Enda

    ENDA WYLEY is a teacher and poet, and has had several books published.
    • I Won't Go To China
    • Boo and Bear
  • Yeats, W. B.

    William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th century literature. A pillar of both the Irish and British literary establishments, in his later years he served as an Irish Senator for two terms.

    • The Moon Spun Round
    • A Rosette for Maeve?
    • Colm's Lambs
    • The Fridge in a Denim Jacket!
    • The Fridge in a Denim Jacket!