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  • The River Shannon

    The River Shannon

    Ireland's Majestic Waterway

    By Carsten Krieger

    The River Shannon is both a visitor’s and a photographer’s delight. This stunning waterway is a feast for the eyes in every season and every time of the day and night.

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  • Fierce History

    Fierce History

    5,000 years of startling stories from Ireland and around the globe

    By Colin Murphy

    Bestselling author, Colin Murphy, explores the historical figures and events that have existed for centuries in the fringes and brings them out into the open for the reader.  Full of historical stories which will intrigue you, captivate you, revolt you and even make you laugh!

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  • Great Moments in Irish Rugby

    Great Moments in Irish Rugby

    By Sportsfile

    With reminiscences from photographers and players alike, this book is a look back over the decades at the legendary players, matches and moments that have contributed to the narrative of one of the world's most exciting sports. A must for rugby fans wherever they are.

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  • Paprika


    By Frank McGuinness

    In the first collection of stories by Frank McGuinness, this award-winning master storyteller writes above all about freedom: freedom to love, freedom from hate, freedom to speak, freedom to silence. In hypnotic, spellbinding prose, Frank McGuinness hears the voices and sees the visions of his own troubled times.

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  • The A to Z of Being Irish

    The A to Z of Being Irish

    From the Angelus to Zig & Zag

    Written by Sarah Cassidy and Kunak McGann

    This handy A to Z is packed with insider knowledge and quirky Irishisms for locals and blow-ins alike. Read it or we’ll tell your Mammy you left the immersion on!

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  • And Life Lights Up

    And Life Lights Up

    Moments that Matter

    Written by Alice Taylor, Photographs by Emma Byrne

    Alice Taylor guides us through the steps and ways to live a conscious life and focus on the goodness of the world around us. Alice also inspires the reader to be attentive to the here and now and embrace moments as they arise.

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  • The Stars Are Our Only Warmth

    The Stars Are Our Only Warmth

    Written by Alice Leahy, With Catherine Cleary

    The Stars Are Our Only Warmth tells powerful truths about Irish life and the people who taught Alice what it is to be alive in this world.

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  • Keep it Country

    Keep it Country

    A Celebration of Irish Country Music

    By Eddie Rowley

    Immerse yourself in all that's great about the vibrant Irish country music scene. From Big Tom, Philomena and Daniel to Nathan, Lisa, Mike and many more, the leading lights of Irish country in their own words. This book is a must-have for Irish country music fans.

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  • Big Tom

    Big Tom

    The King of Irish Country

    By Tom Gilmore

    A tribute to Big Tom McBride, ‘the Johnny Cash of Irish country music’. From labourer to music star, the journey of the singer who brought so much joy to fans at home and to emigrants abroad over five decades.

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  • Bold, Brilliant and Bad

    Bold, Brilliant and Bad

    Irish Women from History

    By Marian Broderick

    From creative craftswomen to singing sensations, poets to sporting champions. Marian Broderick is back to explore the histories of remarkable Irish Women in history. These women made a difference to the world in a variety of ways and paved the way for women today.

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  • Vet On A Mission

    Vet On A Mission

    By Gillian Hick

    Vet on a Mission tells the story of a wife and mother of three who sets up her own small animal veterinary practice – the tears, the laughter and the whirlwind of chaos that follows!

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  • Irish Rebellions

    Irish Rebellions


    By Helen Litton

    Using eyewitness accounts, speeches and illustrative material, Helen Litton describes these most important Irish rebellions, from the United Irishmen of 1798 to the IRA of the War of Independence.

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  • Joey Dunlop

    Joey Dunlop

    King of the Roads

    Written by and Photographs by Stephen Davison

    A celebration of Joey Dunlop's life and career from the public glories to the private moments. Captures Joey in action, his triumphant racing moments, with his family, on his relief missions to Romania. A fitting record of one of the greatest motorcyclists the sport has ever seen.

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  • Taney


    Progress of a Parish

    By Carol Robinson Tweed

    A celebration of the progress of a Parish. This is a social and historical profile of the Parish of Taney in Dublin. The origins of this close knit parish and how it has developed over the years. This book explores the culture of this society and engages with the heart of a community.

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  • The Bespoke Hitman

    The Bespoke Hitman

    By Sam Millar

    Sometimes robbing a bank can become a lot more dangerous than you planned.

    Halloween night. Belfast city centre. In the freezing, pelting rain, three men in wolf costumes decide to rob a bank.

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