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  • A Big Pile of Blarney

    A Big Pile of Blarney

    Written by Colin Murphy and Brendan O'Reilly

    The Irish are world masters at talking. The magic behind our silky, colourful (and non-stop) stories is a little thing called ‘blarney’, or ‘the gift of the gab’. But what is it, you ask, and how can you get some for yourself?

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  • Rugby Runner

    Rugby Runner

    Ancient Roots, Modern Boots

    By Gerard Siggins

    Eoin Madden is captain of the Junior Cup team, training with Leinster and aiming for Ireland's Under 16 World Cup team. He also has to deal with grumpy friends, teachers piling on the homework – AND a ghost on a mission that goes back to the very origins of the game of rugby. 

    Books, crooks and rucks - it’s all to play for this term!


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  • Before the Dawn

    Before the Dawn

    An Autobiography

    By Gerry Adams

    Gerry Adams offers his own unique, intimate account of the early years of his career, from his childhood in working-class Belfast to the more turbulent years of social activism that followed. Updated with new introduction and epilogue covering the huge changes in Irish society since the Good Friday Agreement.

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  • Danny Brown and the Talking Teeth

    Danny Brown and the Talking Teeth

    Written by Brianóg Brady Dawson, Illustrated by Michael Connor, Coloured by Alan Nolan

    Danny Brown is always in trouble.
    Why did he take Granny’s teeth to school?
    Just WHAT was he thinking?
    Now Mum is cross, teacher is cross,
    and Granny is VERY cross.
    But Danny was only having fun, wasn’t he?

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  • Brown Morning

    Brown Morning

    By Franck Pavloff

    Charlie and his friend live in a time marked by the rise of an extreme totalitarian regime: the Brown State.
    A remarkable parable of how easily people allow their rights to be removed.

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  • Danny Brown and the Monster Toothbrush

    Danny Brown and the Monster Toothbrush

    Written by Brianóg Brady Dawson, Illustrated by Michael Connor, Coloured by Alan Nolan

    Danny hates brushing his teeth, so when he gets a new toothbrush he wants to get rid of it! He tries blushing it down the toilet, burying it in the garden and throwing it for Keano, his dog, but it keeps coming back!

    A fun story about a boy who can't help getting into trouble. Illustrated in colour throughout.

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  • The Gods and their Machines

    The Gods and their Machines

    By Oisín McGann

    Two worlds. Two different lives. Divided by hate and violence. Thrown together by chance.

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  • The Making of Mollie

    The Making of Mollie

    By Anna Carey

    Mollie Carberry's life seems pretty dull until she discovers her older sister Phyllis is a suffragette! When she and her friend Nora get involved they must face the question of how far a girl should go for her beliefs.

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  • Magical Celtic Tales

    Magical Celtic Tales

    Written by Una Leavy, Illustrated by Fergal O'Connor

    Magical Celtic Tales is a collection of ten wonderful stories - some well known, others almost forgotten - from Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, The Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales.

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  • Hannah in the Spotlight

    Hannah in the Spotlight

    Star Club Book 1

    By Natasha Mac a'Bháird

    The summer holidays are here, and Hannah is wishing she could have gone to drama camp. Then she meets Meg, who has just moved in next door, and together with her friends Ruby and Laura they decide to form Star Club – a drama club of their own.

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  • Run for the Hills

    Run for the Hills

    Written by Tom McCaughren, Illustrated by Rebecca Atkinson

    All the foxes who lived in Glensinna knew about Sionnach, the Great White Fox. But they had never seen him. ... After almost a decade and a half, award-winning author Tom McCaughren returns with a new installment in his bestselling series!

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  • Tea and Talk

    Tea and Talk

    Written by Alice Taylor, Photographs by Emma Byrne

    Tea and talk: the perfect way to resolve any challenge you face in life: and in the hands of a consummate storyteller, you might need a second cup! Relax with Alice, sit and chat over a cup of tea, as she invites you into her life, and the life of the village that surrounds her.

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  • A Massive Book Full of FECKINâ IRISH SLANG thatâs Great Craic for Any Shower of Savages

    A Massive Book Full of FECKIN’ IRISH SLANG that’s Great Craic for Any Shower of Savages

    Written by Colin Murphy and Donal O'Dea

    Celebrating the almost incomprehensible wit and wonder of Irish slang words. Incorporating everything from The Feckin' Book of Irish Slang and The 2nd Feckin' Book of Irish Slang, with more slang too! Feckin' brilliant 

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  • Essential Norn Irish

    Essential Norn Irish

    Yer Man's A to Z Guide to Everyday Banter

    By Owen Kelly

    Self-proclaimed Norn Irish expert Owen Kelly has compiled the definitive introduction to local Northern Ireland lingo, helping readers everywhere to tell the difference between an 'Absolutely!' and a 'Wise': square crack!


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  • The Heart and Soul of Kerry Football

    The Heart and Soul of Kerry Football

    By Weeshie Fogarty

    Weeshie Fogarty's love of Kerry Gaelic Football has been lifelong. In this book he puts it all under the microscope - the different eras, styles and personalities, as well as picking his personal top Kerry fifteen ever.

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