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  • The Sleeping Giant

    The Sleeping Giant

    By Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

    Off the coast of Ireland there lies an island. It looks just like a giant sleeping in the sea.

    But what if it really is a giant – and what if, one day, the sleeping giant wakes up?

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  • Bernard Dunne

    Bernard Dunne

    Champion of the World

    By Bernard Dunne

    In this inspirational book, he describes life as a boy in Neilstown, the ups and downs of his life and career, and the powerful life lessons and skills that sport can teach a child.

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  • Saint Patrick

    Saint Patrick

    Life, Legend and Legacy

    By Marian Broderick

    Drawing from recorded histories, 'tall tales' from all four provinces and beautiful illustrations, this is a light-hearted look at the global phenomenon of Saint Patrick, his life and his legacy, the facts and the fiction of his incredible journey from slave to international saint.

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  • Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger Hunt

    Written by Erika McGann, Illustrated by Vince Reid

    Book 4 in the Cass and the Bubble Street Gang series!

    When an elderly woman called Carmella loses her locket, Cass must put her detective skills to the test to solve the mystery of golden locket.


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  • Arise And Go

    Arise And Go

    W.B. Yeats and the people and places that inspired him

    By Kevin Connolly

    The idea of place runs like a river through the life and works of the poet and playwright W.B. Yeats. This book focuses on his time in Dublin, London, Sligo and elsewhere in the west of Ireland, embracing the homes, landscapes and people that impacted his life and stimulated his vast body of work.

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  • Skellig


    Experience the Extraordinary

    By Des Lavelle

    A comprehensive, accessible and beautiful book on a unique and fascinating place. With the famous monastic beehive huts, teeming birdlife and spectacular vistas, The Skellig islands invite exploration. Des Lavelle is a leading expert and tour guide with a unique insight into these amazing islands.

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  • Irish Proverbs & Sayings

    Irish Proverbs & Sayings

    Written by Seamus Cashman and Sean Gaffney

    Irish history and folklore is rich with proverbs and sayings of old, full of timeless wisdom that still has resonence and truth today. This beautifully designed hardback brings together a whole host of these sayings and proverbs on topics as diverse as aging, the seasons, fate and nature.

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  • Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder

    Prepare to be Born Anew

    By Charlie Pike

    It's 2203 and earth is dying, scorched by the sun. Initiate Leon is a member of the True Path warrior culture and preparing for his Rising. But when his test comes - to kill in cold blood - he stalls. To redeem himself, he and his resourceful servant, Martha, must journey to find the earth’s fifth and final message from the Saviours.

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  • Hide and Speak Irish

    Hide and Speak Irish

    Written by Catherine Bruzzone and Susan Martineau, Illustrated by Louise Comfort, Translated by Rachel ní Chuinn

    Hide and Speak Irish offers an effective and simple way to learn over 130 key Irish words following the tried-and-tested method of 'look, cover and speak'.

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  • Traditional Irish Cooking for Today

    Traditional Irish Cooking for Today

    Written by Brian McDermott, Photographs by Fox in the Kitchen

    From black pudding dipping fritters to Mammy's Irish stew, from mackerel on toast to Atlantic fish pie, from shortbread to scones, this book will bring you the many tastes of Ireland and a warm sense of home.

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  • Irish Aran

    Irish Aran

    History, Tradition, Fashion

    By Vawn Corrigan

    The significance of the Aran knit is so much more than an unusually popular design. Arans communicate warmth, comfort and a sense of home, which people the world over continue to respond to. Vawn Corrigan explores how the Aran knit became so iconic.

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  • Granuaile: Pirate Queen

    Granuaile: Pirate Queen

    By Morgan Llywelyn

    A story of immense bravery and daring, as Granuaile takes on the great Norman lords, smuggles weapons and mercenaries for the Ulster Gaelic O'Donnell and O'Neill clans and finally goes to confront Elizabeth Tudor herself.

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  • Eva and the Perfect Rain

    Eva and the Perfect Rain

    A Rainy Irish Tale

    By Tatyana Feeney

    Eva spends the day searching and hoping for the perfect umbrella rain that’s not too windy, too thundery or too drizzly. Finally, she finds it in a sun shower and a rainbow shines making it the most perfect rain of all.

    Embrace rainy Ireland with Eva in this beautiful and delightful picture book!

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  • Sam Hannigan and the Last Dodo

    Sam Hannigan and the Last Dodo

    By Alan Nolan

    When a mysterious package arrives on the doorstep of Hannigan’s Haven on a stormy night, Sam and the gang are astonished to discover that it contains a living, breathing (and long believed extinct) Dodo bird!

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  • The Invincibles

    The Invincibles

    The Phoenix Park Assassinations and the Conspiracy that Shook an Empire

    Written by Dr. Shane Kenna, Introduced by Ruán O'Donnell, Foreword by Liz Gillis

    In an Ireland still reeling from years of famine, with tenant farmers being evicted and left to starve for their inability to pay exorbitant rents, revolutionary fervour was growing. An inner circle of the IRB was formed, a secret assassination squad within a secret society – the Irish National Invincibles.

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