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  • Keep it Country

    Keep it Country

    A Celebration of Irish Country Music

    By Eddie Rowley

    Immerse yourself in all that's great about the vibrant Irish country music scene. From Big Tom, Philomena and Daniel to Nathan, Lisa, Mike and many more, the leading lights of Irish country in their own words. This book is a must-have for Irish country music fans.

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  • Big Tom

    Big Tom

    The King of Irish Country

    By Tom Gilmore

    A tribute to Big Tom McBride, ‘the Johnny Cash of Irish country music’. From labourer to music star, the journey of the singer who brought so much joy to fans at home and to emigrants abroad over five decades.

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  • Tomi


    Tomi Reichental's Holocaust Story

    By Eithne Massey

    ‘At the age of six I began to fear for the future. … By the age of nine I was on the run for my life. … By the time I was ten I had seen all there was to see.’

    The incredible true story of how a small boy survived Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. An accessible and honest account of the Holocaust that provides lessons that are relevant today.


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  • Bold, Brilliant and Bad

    Bold, Brilliant and Bad

    Irish Women from History

    By Marian Broderick

    From creative craftswomen to singing sensations, poets to sporting champions. Marian Broderick is back to explore the histories of remarkable Irish Women in history. These women made a difference to the world in a variety of ways and paved the way for women today.

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  • Bright Sparks

    Bright Sparks

    Amazing Discoveries, Inventions and Designs by Women

    By Owen O'Doherty

    This wonderfully illustrated book is a guide to remarkable, practical, skillful and beautiful inventions by women.

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  • You've Got A Friend

    You've Got A Friend

    By Judi Curtin

    The fantastic follow-up to Time After Time and Stand By Me

    Families are so complicated! Molly’s dad seems so lonely. He lives on his own, he won’t get a pet, he doesn’t get on with his brother … Best friends Molly and Beth suspect his problems lie in his past, but what can two thirteen-year-olds do about that?

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  • Atlantis United

    Atlantis United

    Sports Academy Book 1

    By Gerard Siggins

    Five kids with one dream: to become the greatest sports stars in the world!

    Joe knows he has no chance of catching the mysterious scout’s eye – he loves football, but he’s by far the worst player in his club. Despite this, he’s whisked away to a remote island and teamed up with four other kids: Kim, Craig, Ajit and Jess.



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  • My First Book of GAA

    My First Book of GAA

    Photographs by Joe Butler

    A bright and colourful introduction to the wonderful world of GAA. With simple photographs and clear labels of everything from sliotar to goal and point, this is the perfect gift for the youngest GAA fans – no matter who you cheer for!

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  • Mad Grandad and the Kleptoes

    Mad Grandad and the Kleptoes

    Written by and Illustrated by Oisín McGann

    Things keep disappearing down the back of Grandad's sofa -- who, or what, has taken them? When Lenny and Grandad discover the Kleptoes and their hideout, things turn nasty.

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  • Spies


    Ireland’s War of Independence. United friends ... divided loyalties

    By Brian Gallagher

    As the War of Independence grows more lethal, the three friends must decide where their loyalties lie. Then a secret from Johnny’s past changes everything…

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  • Diary Detectives

    Diary Detectives

    Written by Erika McGann, Illustrated by Vince Reid

    While helping with a car boot sale, Cass finds a very old diary. It talks about picking on the drama kids on the bus, and a horrible prank played  during their end-of-year show. Who wrote the diary? Can the Bubble Street Gang unmask the wicked writer?

    Cass and the Bubble Street Gang Book 3

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  • Vet On A Mission

    Vet On A Mission

    By Gillian Hick

    Vet on a Mission tells the story of a wife and mother of three who sets up her own small animal veterinary practice – the tears, the laughter and the whirlwind of chaos that follows!

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  • Irish Rebellions

    Irish Rebellions


    By Helen Litton

    Using eyewitness accounts, speeches and illustrative material, Helen Litton describes these most important Irish rebellions, from the United Irishmen of 1798 to the IRA of the War of Independence.

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  • Joey Dunlop

    Joey Dunlop

    King of the Roads

    Written by and Photographs by Stephen Davison

    A celebration of Joey Dunlop's life and career from the public glories to the private moments. Captures Joey in action, his triumphant racing moments, with his family, on his relief missions to Romania. A fitting record of one of the greatest motorcyclists the sport has ever seen.

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  • Taney


    Progress of a Parish

    By Carol Robinson Tweed

    A celebration of the progress of a Parish. This is a social and historical profile of the Parish of Taney in Dublin. The origins of this close knit parish and how it has developed over the years. This book explores the culture of this society and engages with the heart of a community.

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