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  • Lady of the Dance

    Lady of the Dance

    The Choreographer Who Helped Michael Flatley Conquer the World

    Written by Marie Duffy, With Eddie Rowley

    Marie Duffy is the undisputed queen of Irish dancing: she has trained more world champions than any other teacher, and has been Michael Flatley’s right-hand woman for twenty years. 

    Get a behind-the-scenes view of the world of professional Irish dance, and heart Marie's own fascinating & inspiring life.

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  • Feed Your Child Well

    Feed Your Child Well

    Babies, Toddlers and Older Children

    Written by Valerie Kelly and Phyllis Farrell and Theresa Dunne

    Good nutrition in infancy and early childhood lays the foundations for a healthy life. This common-sense guide – now in its fourth edition – provides reliable, practical and unbiased advice on everything from the basics of nutrition to shopping wisely, from dealing with food refusal to allergies and obesity.

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  • The Spiral Path

    The Spiral Path

    Book 3 in The Ayla Trilogy

    Written by and Illustrated by Matt Griffin

    The conclusion of the Ayla trilogy. The battle was won but the enemy has escaped and Ayla, Sean, Finny and Benvy know their home of Kilnabracka is in serious danger. The town looks untouched, but the friends are being drawn into a trap.

    Only they can save themselves and the townsfolk.

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  • The Truth About Leprechauns

    The Truth About Leprechauns

    By Dr. Robert Curran

    Just what is a leprechaun? To some, he is full of harmless mischief, guarding his elusive crock of gold. To others, an evil gnome bent on disrupting mortal lives with black magic.

    Historian & folklorist Bob Curran turns the spotlight on the ‘real’ leprechaun – mysterious, complex and contradictory.

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  • Best-loved Joyce

    Best-loved Joyce

    Written by James Joyce, Introduced by Bob Joyce, Edited by Jamie O’Connell

    A beautiful and accessible introduction to the writings of James Joyce. Short, entertaining quotes from his major works: Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, with more from his poetry & letters, and some family anecdotes handed down to grand-nephew Bob Joyce.

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  • The Dead House

    The Dead House

    ... the past holds constant sway ...

    By Billy O'Callaghan

    Young artist Maggie Turner moves from London to Allihies and buys an abandoned pre-Famine cottage. She is keen to concentrate on her art, but fragile after a broken relationship. While isolation seems romantic, the house is not the paradise she imagines. A modern ghost story by a masterful writer.

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  • Wildflower Girl

    Wildflower Girl

    Written by Marita Conlon-McKenna, Illustrated by Donald Teskey, Cover design or artwork by PJ Lynch

    The second book in the famine trilogy
    At seven, Peggy made a terrifying journey through famine-stricken Ireland. Now thirteen, and determined to make a new life for herself, she sets off alone to America …

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  • Vinnie Goes to Vegas

    Vinnie Goes to Vegas

    Written by Stephen Walsh and Marita O’Donovan, Illustrated by Diane Le Feyer

    Vinnie the leprechaun makes gleaming buckles for leprechaun shoes and shiny buttons for leprechaun jackets. He loves his job, and he has a happy life and many friends -- but, oh, how Vinnie longs to be rich! When Vinnie finds a lucky horse shoe, he decides to head to Vegas but he soon finds out that being rich comes at a price!


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  • Brendan and the Blarney Stone

    Brendan and the Blarney Stone

    Written by Stephen Walsh and Marita O’Donovan, Illustrated by Diane Le Feyer

    When Brendan the leprechaun plays the tin whistle, the sound is sweeter than the sweetest songbird. But if only he could speak as well as he plays! His words spill out in a terrible jumble – he goes to the shop to buy peas and accidentally comes home with cheese!

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  • The Last Armada

    The Last Armada

    Siege of 100 Days: Kinsale 1601

    By Des Ekin

    A fascinating new insight into the epic conflicts between Spain’s Philip III and Elizabeth I of England, culminating in the Spanish invasion of Ireland, the fateful Battle of Kinsale and the downfall of the Gaelic insurgent chieftains O’Neill and O’Donnell.

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  • Starring Meg

    Starring Meg

    Star Club Book 2

    By Natasha Mac a'Bháird

    Summer may be over but the Star Club is definitely not and now it's time to plan their next show! Meg has to get used to a new town and new school. Luckily her Star Club friends are there to support her. But will other people accept Meg for who she really is? 

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  • Ireland's Beautiful North

    Ireland's Beautiful North

    Written by Dominic Kearney, Photographed by Carsten Krieger

    From the cliffs of Slieve League to the columns of the Giant’s Causeway, from Belfast’s copper domes to Donegal’s pale sands, Ireland’s Beautiful North introduces the complex rewards of Ulster.

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  • The Clubhouse Mystery

    The Clubhouse Mystery

    Written by Erika McGann, Illustrated by Vince Reid

    There’s an intruder in the clubhouse!

    The gang find the door left open, crumbs on the table and hairs on the floor. Someone has been sneaking in when nobody’s home.
    But who?

    Join Cass and the Bubble Street Gang as they investigate The Clubhouse Mystery.

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  • A Big Pile of Blarney

    A Big Pile of Blarney

    Written by Colin Murphy and Brendan O'Reilly

    The Irish are world masters at talking. The magic behind our silky, colourful (and non-stop) stories is a little thing called ‘blarney’, or ‘the gift of the gab’. But what is it, you ask, and how can you get some for yourself?

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  • Rugby Runner

    Rugby Runner

    Ancient Roots, Modern Boots

    By Gerard Siggins

    Eoin Madden is captain of the Junior Cup team, training with Leinster and aiming for Ireland's Under 16 World Cup team. He also has to deal with grumpy friends, teachers piling on the homework – AND a ghost on a mission that goes back to the very origins of the game of rugby. 

    Books, crooks and rucks - it’s all to play for this term!


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