Written by
Howard Clarke
Dr. Ruth Johnston
Sheila Dooley
Dublin and the Viking World

Dublin and the Viking World is a unique blend of the familiar and the unfamiliar, the broad generalisation and the rarefied detail, the well-known historical character and the ordinary Dubliner.

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144 pages
260x197 mm
Category Dublin, History
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Dig through the layers of time to find the Viking past beneath our city streets.

Shipbuilding, praying, raiding, trading and playing – Viking customs and habits are brought to life in this richly illustrated account of the beginnings of Dublin town.

Viking Dublin was a vibrant, multicultural centre of commerce in early medieval Europe. Now Dublin is unique in the world for its enormous stock of preserved archaeological and written records. Together, they reveal intimate details of life in the city and bring us beyond the myths to a people who developed a small coastal settlement into a bustling hub of trade and craft.

Fully illustrated with photographs, drawings and new maps, Dublin and the Viking World takes readers into the streets and homes of a major Viking city. Expert authors explore the acclaimed Dublinia exhibition experience and the latest in world-class scholarship to show readers the realities of the world of Viking Dublin.

Howard Clarke, a director of The Medieval Trust, the parent body of Dublinia Ltd, has published extensively on the history of medieval Dublin and the Viking Age in general.

Ruth Johnson, the current city archaeologist for Dublin City Council, is a former curator of Dublinia and an internationally recognised expert on the Viking Age.

Sheila Dooley is the curator and educational officer in Dublinia, where she has played an innovative role in developing ground-breaking narratives of Viking Dublin for world-wide audiences.

a beautifully illustrated journey into the day-to-day life of Ireland’s first fully functioning town

History Ireland

richly illustrated

Ireland’s Own

the best book about Viking Dublin

Else Berit Eikeland, Norwegian Ambassador to Ireland
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