Judy May Murphy
Copper Girl

Tammy's summer is going to be different and amazing. If she got the chance, she could do something great and surprise everyone. One of her resolutions is to spend more time at the stables – if only that moody Martin wasn't always there!

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160 pages
196x130 mm

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Category Children's fiction, Humour
Theme Personal Challenge, Boy/Girl/Teen Relationships
Series Journals

My name's Tammy and I'm 15 years old.

I've decided that this summer I am going to spend more time at the stables – sometimes I think the horses are the only ones who get what I'm all about. If only moody Martin wasn't always there, but I suppose I can put up with him. Just. He's not so bad really.

My other resolution is to do something that is not a) embarrassing or b) boring!

If Dad would let me have an actual, real LIFE instead of working in the shop, I just might surprise everyone. Even me.

Judymay Murphy (who writes as Judy May for teens) is an International Success Coach, Speaker and Author who coaches thousands of people around the world on how to make their dreams come true. Her series of books for teenage girls are witty, diary-style adventure stories with age-appropriate romances all based on solid coaching practices. She has spoken from the world's biggest self-development stages worldwide, appeared on top television and radio shows in the UK, USA and Europe.

If your idea of a good time involves an unputdownable book and a duvet then we suggest you get your hands on any of the Journal series from O’Brien Press - and hit the sack! The three (so far) books are written in the form of diaries and are witty, funny and seriously good. And you can quote us on that

KISS magazine

Light and chatty and written in journal form, [Blue Lavender Girl and Copper Girl] also reflect the concerns of the mid-teens

The Sunday Independent
Sunday Independent

Journals is a series of clever and engaging books

Anglo Celt Newspaper
Anglo Celt

The characters were very real and believable because they described very well. I would recommend this book to other readers because I found it exciting and interesting'. Maria Horgan, Age 13

Evening Echo
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