Update from the Editorial Department

I’m just in the process of getting two of our autumn 2009 children’s books ready to go to print. Both of them are ‘series’ books, which I love working on as the characters have time to grow and develop over several books.

Féile Fever by Joe O’Brien is a follow-up to last year’s Little Croker, about GAA-mad Danny Wilde and his Gaelic football team. I really enjoyed working on this second book about the kids from Littlestown, and just like when I finished Little Croker this time last year, I feel I know WAY more about GAA moves and match tactics than I did before I started! There’s a great story as well as the football action – new boy Todd Bailey is an Aussie Rules sensation, but does he have a secret? And has he caught the eye of Trinity, the girl Danny has a soft spot for? It’s a really good read and I can’t wait to see the finished book.

Another of my titles nearing completion is Alice to the Rescue by Judi Curtin, the seventh book in the ‘Alice & Megan’ series. This is the longest series I’ve ever edited, and I’ve really, really enjoyed keeping up with Alice and Megan over the last four years. The text is edited now, all the final artwork (by Woody Fox, who has illustrated all the books in the series) is in and the cover is finalised … there’s only a few tiny tweaks left and then it will be off to the printers. Fans of Alice and Megan can get their hands on it in early September 2009.

Helen Carr, Editor