Le Livre de Tous les Secrets

This is the lovely title that Milan Poche have given to their edition of one of my favourite OBP children’s books of the last few years: The Silver Notebook by Enda Wyley: a beautifully-told story of growing-up, friendship and the secrets that parents keep. We put a lot of effort into the packaging of this book — a fifth ink and emboss on the lovely decorative cover made a big difference to its impact on the shelf — and were delighted that it was well-received.

We were even more thrilled when we got a substantial book club order for Britain for this title: given the sheer number of children’s books published there, it is a hugely competative market, and the feedback from buyers there has agreed with those in Ireland who really love this title.

And now you can read in in French as well: just the type of thing that we need to see in advance of The Frankfurt Book Fair in October, the world’s biggest annual gathering of the publishing industry. Now that one foreign edition has been published, we can use this to show publishers from other countries what they are missing!