3 Catalogues: done and dusted!

Catalogue-2009-SchoolsSo this is the week when the curs’ed catalogues left the building and headed off to the printers. Of course, By The Miracles Of Modern Technology, they are available on the web before anywhere else: general catalogue (35 pages, 3.5MB PDF file) and children’s catalogue (45 pages, 5MB PDF file).

We have also been doing a special schools catalogue (24 pages, 5MB PDF) for the last number of years, which is sent to every primary school on the island of Ireland: many of our books have a substantial schools market even though they are not explicitly educational — the curriculum calls on teachers to use “real books”, as opposed to texts that are written strictly for educational use: a wise move, as these are often really boring and flat, while a real story will draw children into its world and allow the teacher much more room for spanning out to all areas of the curriculum. Our work to assist this can be seen on www.obrien.ie/schools where about 400 resources have been created to back up our titles!

If you spot any errors, I don’t want to know!